Monday, September 22, 2014

Visit to Saksham Bal Vikas Sanstha

 Today we visited Saksham Bal Vikas Sanstha, it was totally a different experience. Saksham Bal Vikas Sanstha was created with a goal of changing this scenario and building the foundation of knowledge among underprivileged children to assure their socioeconomic development and bringing these children in the mainstream society with an aim to finish the barrier between them and the privileged children.

We went there to spread awareness about the Esha’s online audio library that Esha had started. They were very impressed by the audio library and also the collection of the recording we are having. We also believe that the transformation in the lives of these children can only when more and more fortunate people start actively taking part in finding a solution. And our audio library has been one of the thing which will help in the development of the children.

At Saksham, every child has a right to the opportunity to build a meaningful future. We felt that at Saksham they are doing a wonderful job and it was a great experience visiting there. And providing education means empower children.

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