Monday, February 23, 2015

More than 100 additions to online audio library !!

I am very excited to report that in this pervious week we have upload more than 100 files in our audio library some which new recordings are

1. Quotes for the day - from Jan to December
2. The messiah's handbook. 
3. The Bhagvadgita in Hindi
4. more than 90 chlidren stories in english

Now in our audio library we have more than 4000 recordings!!!!!!

Please provide your suggestion which all more books can be recorded and added to the our library

The online audio library is at

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Tour De Vision - Miles for Lives - 2015 - Vote of Thanks

How does one propose a Vote of Thanks for an event that belied even the expectations of its organisers? By thanking the Universe first. (yes, we are believers in The Secret and all that)

Thank you:
  • First, and foremost, to the organising team: Rajesh, for the inspiration, guidance, push, pull, cajole and everything else. Nitin and his team for the website..  Alisha, Amit, Karen, Pooja, Sandeep and Vrishin, for the running around that was so necessary to realise this.
  • Pedalyatris: For their unflinching support to the event, for cycling those miles to raise awareness about the cause, and to generate funds that will help keep Esha afloat this year.

  •  Anil sir, AN Bhattacharya(ANB),  Kapil and the SIP Program at SOIL. For their quiet and solid support. Anytime we wanted something to do with logistics, Kapil was our go to person. Anil sir made an exception and wrote to his friends, requesting them to support the event.Social Innovation Program is a ujique feature of SIP, where the students contribute 1/6th of their total working time in SOIL to a social cause. As this event will prove, the contribution is not cosmetic. They make a very real difference to the NGOs that they associate with, and personally, i can vouch for the fact that these students truly had a JOB on their hands. This was no easy internship, and they proved themselves well.
  • Upasana mam of Yashoda Hospitals, who travelled all the way from Ghaziabad to do the flag off, and reached at 6 25 am for a 6 30 am event! She spoke so well that our team members are still basking in the glow of those words of praise. Yashoda Hospitals was also a corporate sponsor who donated generously.

  • The Shiv Nadar School, Gurgon, who were with us from the word "Go!" - who gave much more than we could have imagined, ensured that all logistics were taken care of, and Anil sir who came personally to ensure that everything was ok. Shahana mam, who helped us with all the pre work, follow ups etc. When we did live Braille Cards for anyone who has their visiting cards on them, the school immediately LOVED the idea.

  • Shalini Khanna, of the NAB Center for Women, Delhi,  because she got a call from me on Friday, for a Sunday event, and without a moment's hesitation, sent the theatre group on a Sunday to perform what was one of the strongest performances I have ever seen. And of course, to the theatre group that contributed its Sunday morning to enrich the event.
  • Cyclomaniacs of Gurgaon who heard about us in the Sunday Raahgiri and came to perform on the following Sunday. With unimaginable grace, the team informed us that they never charge the NGOs anything for their performances. And they were an amazing performance!
  • Dr. Biplav and Dr. Ragini Agarwal, Sanjay ji, and the team of W Hospitals, who made sure that an ambulance was available throughout the event and accompanied the riders.
  • Fateh Education, for sponsoring, without so much as asking "What's in it for us?" They just supported the cause unconditionally! That kind of support means a lot.
  • The Bike Shack, for providing on the spot servicing and minor repairs for all riders and also offering a discount on purchase to all riders associated with the event.

  • And last, but definitely not the least.. every single person who made a contribution to the event - whether as individual donors, or as volunteers, or just people who came to show their quiet support, and those who showed their support on social media by spreading the word. Everyone of you.. Thank you!!
To see how the event unfolded .. see the live Tweets of the event: