Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Visit to Blind Relief Association

 I am Alisha coodinator of Esha .Today I visited a blind school “the Blind Relief Association, Delhi” is a premier non-governmental organization in the country serving the visually impaired. Over the last 69 years of its existence the Association has built up a complex of services managed by professional and skilled staff. In its green campus located prominently in the heart of national capital city of New Delhi.

I went there to spread awareness about the audio libray that Esha had started. They were all very impressesd by the audio library and also the collection of the recording we are having. They also sugessted new software we can use to improve our audio recording.The campus also has their personal audio library but esha audio library has different audio collection than them. The campus also has a hostel which houses nearly 300 children and adult students and trainees who will be using our audio library.

The Association is providing quality school education and conducting training programmes to prepare teachers for the visually impaired; running a range of vocational training courses in light engineering and other industrial tradesThe Association is constantly striving to ensure that persons with physical disability, especially the blind, are not marginalized due to physical impairment, and are rightfully integrated into the mainstream community as equal and useful members of society.

The visit was really inspiring.

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