Monday, March 30, 2015


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today we have added 35 more recording in clabil in english under the folder spiritual as they are spiritual stories from bible.

The river that ran blood
The story of Job
The voice from the burning bush
How the long journey of the Israelite came to an end
How Joseph's dream came true
From the land of famine to the land plenty

These are just six of them ...30 more spiritual stories are added

Saturday, March 28, 2015

55 new audio files added

Good evening friends !!

Today we have added 55 audio files to the Clabil. And which includes

18 poems in classic poetry category by Rossetti


37 Chapters from Around the world in eighty days by Jules Verne

Friday, March 27, 2015

classic poems by Rossetti

today we added to the clabil 15 more classic poems by Rossetti some of the poems added are:
Silent noon
Autumn song
After death
Souls beauty
and 10 more...please take a look!!
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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Western Railways embarks on Rs.4.8 Crore drive for Disabled-Friendly Stations.

The Western Railway has embarked on one of its biggest projects worth Rs 4.8 crore to turn suburban railway stations disabled-friendly.
The first phase of stations to see the change will be between Churchgate and Khar.
This would mean creating special amenities for the disabled at these stations, including tactile paving with warning floor material, disabled toilets with special grab bars, low-height ticket booking windows, ramps on foot overbridges, low-level water taps that can accommodate wheel chairs.
“We have invited tenders and the work will be completed in four months. We will closely monitor the so that they prove to be helpful to the disabled,” a senior official said.
Experts said there is also a need to find a creative solution to the problem of the gap between the platforms and the train coaches, which is proving to be a risk for the disabled.
IIT expert Sudhir Badami, a member of the committee constituted by the Bombay High Court for making the city’s railways friendly towards persons with disability, said the programme of raising the platform levels will be a long-drawn affair as the suburban rail system is in operation and innovative methods of construction need to be adopted.

Raju Koli's workshop on You Tube

Raju Koli 's theater workshop at

REX CONCLiVE on you tube

Raju Koli winner of karamaveer purasukaar

Today I am feeling very glad after getting this Karamaveer
Puraskaar. I want to thank Nidhi Mam,Jerry Sir And his Team for giving
me this opportunity.
     I want to share some moments while I was taking this award,When I
was attending Karamaveer puraskaar ceremony I listened to every
Kamaraveer Puraskaar Awardee who worked in different different fields
like some worked for child labour,agriculture,education for special
needs students,education for children living in slums etc. I salute to
everyone,I also thank to everyone who are taking the work forward for
their field.
    I was thinking about their lives which is very challanging.At last
I want to say that everyone is god gifted so we should help everyone
who are helpless and make their life better.
                                  "Sach hum nahi,Sach tum nahi
                                   Sach hain mehaz sangharsh hi"

Thursday, March 19, 2015


Added 40 more English poems to Clabil under classic poetry....
some of the poems are;
1.The road builders
2.The burial of my past self
3.Written in red
4.The christian's faith
6.Out of the darkness
many more.... beautiful poems... please take a look!!!!!

The Cover Story on ESHA in Suburb Life Magazine

The Cover Story on ESHA in Suburb Life Magazine
 with Nidhi Arora

Blind walk- Times of India

Thank you, Times of India, for taking the message to a much wider audience..

hope this new initiative of ours motivate and encourage everybody i wish and hope that the goodness in the world will increase 

 Next time you see a person in a public space, please help.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Blind Walk

Today Esha conducted a blind walk activity. The blind walk is an activity wherein participant are blindfolded or close their eyes and is given a stick and asked to walk around.

We started with Indian  Habitat Center and secondly at Qutab minar complex. In this we practiced different kinds of blind walk a blind person goes through in his life , such as

·       Just walking alone with the help of white canes
·       Walking with the help of person who is not blind holding his/ her arms
·       Walking with the help of non blind person by just guiding by the direction   

Around 650 million people in the world is disabled , out of which 300 million people are visually impaired and face difficulties in everyday activities as simple as walking, commuting etc. Imagine scenario where you are asked to give up your ability to walk , run , play or see. Can you imagine a day without any of these? Life seems impossible . Through this event we are trying to make people understand the life of differently abled person.

As a participant of this event I really enjoyed this task but felt really difficult to walk eyes closed I was always feeling that I will fell down or something will hit me even their was another person guiding us. Whenever we have to get down a stairs felt so afraid .All this made me feel that how the blind person walk so confidently 

The main objective or things we learnt from this blind walk is:
  • Helped us in experience what it would be like to be without the sense of sight.
  • Be good partners and will safely guide each other on blind walks.
  • This is also a sensitizing campaign

Today  we have become so complacent and self –centered in ours lives that we choose to overlook the problems others face every day. A little help from each one can make a big difference in the lives of these people.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Have added 69 more beautiful  audio recording to the clabil which are

20 Grimm tales by Guy Wetmore Carryl and,
59 Poems by G.K Chesterton

check this out!!!!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Good evening friends!!!!!
Today in our Esha Clabil we have added 55 audio recordings
25 recordings on stories of Gandhi ji in Marathi
20 recording on detective stories in English
6 recordings on Islamic poem
please have a look ... i am sure you will like it

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Today we have added 43 new audios which includes all fairy tales such as

The Story of the Three Bears
Jack the Giant Killer
Tom Tit Tot
The Red Ettin
The Golden Arm
The Magpie's Next
The Three Heads of the Well

And many other !!!! check it out

Monday, March 9, 2015

Audios added today ESHA- The Braille Place

Today in our clabil we added more files
3 peoms:
Hatasha Se Ek Aadmi
Andha Yug
and 3 motivational speech and 11 stories for kids in malayalam

CLOSURE REPORT-Program For Womens and Girls 2014


Educating local and uneducated girls and women's on the domestic violence and making know their rights. And making them realize their own value in the society and empowering them. Advancing the rights of women advances humanity.

Place: Aya nagar village

No. of women's and girls joined: 16

Name of the person conducting program: Alisha Maria (Esha volunteer)


Our program was all about women’s empowerment.

Ways we used to making them realize their value in the society and family was:
·       Show them the short films on the domestic violence on women's
·       Telling them about the gender bias with girls and boys
·       Showing them Why it is necessary that women's should be educated
·       Giving them audio recordings to listen about dowry system plight of women
·       Educating them why women are not responsible for giving birth to girl or boy child
·       Showing them drama about various things related to the women
·       naari-shakti
·       female foeticide
·       employment for women's
·       women empowerment in India
·       women safety

Aya Nagar village lies in the metropolitan city like Delhi but the fact is villages in Delhi are development but the people living in the villages are of the same old traditional background.

We started this program on the second week of November 2014 till last week of December 2014. 

Knowing their issues and problems

Condition of women's was so bad within their family even thought they do not show it to the outside society. Speaking them personally made us realize they are not at all aware of their rights.

There were girls who were not sent to schools because they were girls their brother’s were going to school.

There were women's who does not even that they are under domestic violence. A women their said “mera pati muhje maarta hai toh kya hua muhjse pyaar be toh karta h”. This means that “even thought my husband beats me so what he loves me too”. Its was really bad they are not even aware of it.

They were also women's who are teases and torched by her family for giving birth to girl child


We started with our classes and our program

Were we discussed all types of topics that are related to the domestic violence . we used to discus one topic per day and also sometimes same topic continued to the next day.

Topic we covered were:
·       child marriage
·       Fertility: Girls' education helps women control how many children they have. Increasing girls participation in school over time decreases fertility rates.
·       Maternal Health: Increasing girls' access to education improves maternal health.
·       Child Survival: Increasing girls' education has positive effects on infant and child health. 
·       HIV/AIDS: Education decreases a girl's or woman's risk for contracting HIV or transmitting HIV to her baby. 
·       Income Potential: Education boosts women's earning power. 
·       Reducing domestic violence on women's
·       The principle of sexual equality in education 
All these topic were involved and many other facts and topic related to women safety 


After all the classes were done it was time to take take feedback from them.

And we almost achieved the result expected


The outcome we got was:
  • Women's normal and regularly topic changed to the topic we discussed in the class.
  • Women's and girls we very interested in getting educated
  • They wanted us was to continue our classes
  • They too started taking tutions with their kids


This program for local and uneducated women's and girls was an excellent initiative taken up by Esha. The main thought behind this program was

·     Educating local and uneducated girls and women's on the domestic violence and making know their rights. And making them realize their own value in the society and empowering them.

·     And this will help in women and socio-economic development

·     Female schooling raises human capital, productivity, and economic growth as much as male schooling does, then women's disadvantage in education is economically inefficient. Research world-wide shows that, in general, the economic benefits from women's education - calculated as the economic rate of return to education - are comparable to those from men's education.Thus, from the point of view of economic efficiency, the gender gap in education is undesirable.

·      Benefits from expanding female education are far greater than the benefits from other public interventions such as improving family planning service provision or increasing the number of physicians in the population

·     The main policy prescriptions of this paper are that governments and other organisations should attempt to educate people about the equity and efficiency benefits of female education and that public policy should encourage girls' access to schooling by extra subsidies in order to compensate for the asymmetry in parental incentives to educate sons and daughters in poor societies.

Not confusing Literacy and Education

As early as 1967, a humble, yet very important program started on Doordarshan - Krishi Darshan. Agriculture forms the backbone of our economy. One of the prime challenges we faced was that the farmers were, by and large, not literate. So India did something brilliant - it took knowledge to the farmers in their first language - using the very powerful medium of AV - Audio/ Video education.

That's the great part. The sad part? That the adult education program, in spite of this great early win, was not integrated with the AV mechanism. Instead, we focused on the Adult Literacy program and linked education and literacy - an artificially created relationship.

Various NGOs doing field work in the rural areas and with those who are not literate will vouch for the educational potential of AV. We now need to utilise that potential and use AV for education. This is a step beyond the idea of using literacy as the sole vehicle of education.

AV - Audio/ Video is a much richer way to impart education. This is because multiple senses are involved in the reception. This is the next best to experiential learning, where all our senses are involved in the learning process.

Audio - Audio alone is way more flexible and portable than AV. It is not as rich, but it is lighter and can be used to reach more people. With audio, the infrastructure requirement is significantly lower - a simple audio player, a small speaker set.Can be managed in most remote locations. But there is one more advantage with audio - because images are not being presented for consumption, it allows the listener to engage their brain in a very important activity - imagery - the ability to create images from descriptions.
A simple mp3 player can be used to make a personal audio library for anyone.

Because all we need is a working phone!

That's why CLABIL is important. It creates that online resource which is versatile  - because it does not depend on print as the sole medium of instruction - and is flexible, because all you need is a phone with speakers. mp3 plays on most phones or any audio device at all. It is downloadable - which means one can just carry the content to the most impoverished, most remote places, and use it there.

Of all the things we have on CLABIL, stories are my personal favourite. Because they impart life skills like few things can.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

I am very glad to inform you that today again we have added 64 recordings to our audio library which includes

1  Grimms fairy tales
2   poem by Atal Bhari Vajpayee

hope it will be helpful to many....

please provide your feedback and suggestions

The online audio library is at