Friday, December 25, 2015

Painting Workshop at Junta Blind Centre

Esha conducted its Annual painting workshop at Junta Blind Centre, Gurgaon. I was one of the facilitators for the workshop and what I learnt was something I would like to share.
The students at the training centre who had newly joined with an average age of 20 had never painted before. Art and painting which is a representation of visual impression is something they feel is not for them. The students were sceptic and smiled asking us not to embarrass them which just shook us up.

We felt Art, Sports and other activities are for all and neglecting them for disability is also a form of non-inclusion which is equally important as working for an inclusive environment outside.

There are relatively easy art adaptations to make it accessible to students who are visually challenged. The students can explore a variety of art materials, the activity can be made more tactual for them to touch and feel.

Verbal instruction on the simple steps of making a card:
  •   Fold the ends of the paper and feel the ends to ensure the corners are in alignment
  •  Bring the front side on top
  • Ensure students understand what they are going to paint (house, mountains, sun, flowers or butterflies). It is fine to not produce exactly the same image as it appears in reality which will limit their imagination. The association can be taught through Art.
  • Location of the art materials to be informed to the students by helping them look at them with their hands and fingers
  • Using fingers to measure as you draw and paint them with thumbs and brushes
  • Using tactful borders using crayons or markers which can be felt and painting can be done within the boundary
  • Vegetable painting – Ladies finger, onions and beans to make beautiful tulip flowers and butterflies by painting on the veggies and printing their impression
  • Finger painting – Tearing and folding paper, painting with fingers and feeling the image develops hand strength for the kids
  • Scent and other pleasant fragrance can be added to the paint to get a better feel

The students had a wonderful day more than making greeting cards they enjoyed painting and got rid of their inhibitions.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

This Week.. TourDeVision Prep Begins !

This was an awesome week.

First, there was the Chess Jugalbandi, being conducted by the Astha Foundation. In this event, the VI and the sighted players play in the same tournament. And what fun it is!

Astha Jugalbandi 2015 Event in Delhi
Astha Jugalbandi 2015 Event in Delhi/Gurgaon

 Then, we did our Annual Event - The Painting Workshop at the Junta Blind School for the students. This workshop was conducted by the SOIL Students, and I am amazed at the output of the students. We don't throw these cards away - we use them to say "Thank you" during Tour De Vision. So if you are participating, you will get one too.

This is how we paint - using our fingers to mark as we draw, and wet brushes to paint! Esha Painting Workshop at the Junta Blind Center, Gurgaon

This is how we paint - using our fingers to mark as we draw, and wet brushes to paint! Esha Painting Workshop at the Junta Blind Center, Gurgaon

This is how we paint - using our fingers to mark as we draw, and wet brushes to paint! Esha Painting Workshop at the Junta Blind Center, Gurgaon

This is how we paint - using our fingers to mark as we draw, and wet brushes to paint! Esha Painting Workshop at the Junta Blind Center, Gurgaon

And the third thing that happened was that work has started in full sing for the next Tour de Vision - our annual cycling event to raise awareness about Blindness and lack of public spaces access. We also raise funds through this event.

So if you are in town on the 7th of Feb, 2016, you absolutely must make it to the Shiv Nadar School - anytime upto 11 am is great. There will be a cycling event, and some other great surprises to showcase Ability.

Here's to more!


Saturday, December 5, 2015

Jugalbandi Chess Championship and National Blind Cricket Tournament - December 2015

This December is going to be a Sports Fiesta.

From 17th to the 20th of December, we will see the National Cricket Tournament for the Blind.

Teams participating in the Nationals are as follows:
 North zone: Haryana & Uttar Pradesh, East zone: Odisha & West Bengal
West zone: Gujarat & Rajasthan and South zone: Andhra Pradesh & Karnataka
 These teams will be divided into 2 groups will play the league matches, top 2 teams of each group will qualify for the Semi Finals.
Ground are as follows:
Ground A will be Civil Services ground, Chanakyapuri, near Ashoka Hotel, Delhi & Ground B will be Tau Devilal Stadium Gurgaon.
 17th to 19th of December 2 matches at each ground 1st match from 9 AM to 12.30 PM 2nd match from 1 PM to 4.30 PM.
20th December Semi Final match at each ground from 9 AM to 12.30 PM.
21st December Final match at Civil Services ground, Chanakyapuri, near Ashoka Hotel, Delhi from 10 AM to 1.30 PM.
Prize distribution will commence at 2.30 PM.
For Details:
 For any further information regarding tournament please feel free to get in touch with Mr. John David at +91-9449864785 or Email:
Jugalbandi Chess Tournament
Astha Foundation ( is working on transforming lives through sports.

Once in a year they conduct unique sports activity called Jugalbandi Sports - that allows people with and without disability to come together for a common purpose and understand each other  and  support each other.

One such sports event is CHESS Jugalbandi . Tentative date for the Chess Jugalbandi is 20th Dec 2015.
  • There are no charges for participation.
  • You can participate from your school/institution or as individual.
  • Transportation will be provided.
  • CASH PRIZES of Rs 30000 to distributed among all + Certificates + The participants will carry the Chess  Boards with them.
  • Reporting time is 9 AM - Tournament would start at 10 AM and complete at 5.30/6PM PM.
The participants who are keen on participating can send in there names and contact information to

Aamna Zaidi's article on Mycity4kids