Monday, February 10, 2020

CLABIL Android app taken down for now

Last year, after our research on the knowledge acquisition patterns of the knowledge have-nots, we arrived at some key insights:
A. After a 12 hours work day, no weekly off, they don't want gyaan. They want entertainment to wind down.
B. The social networks are very strong. So if they want any information, they are more likely to go to the social network than the internet. The converse is also true - knowledge transmitted through the social network finds more acceptance and credibility than knowledge generally available on a knowledge platform.

Accordingly, at this time, we have taken CLABIL off the App store. The web interface - is live and being updated constantly. But the app has been taken down for now. The cost of hosting the app database alone was higher than the cost of the entire project, and the app had found very little adoption. We knew from the research that it was, indeed, a DESIGN issue, and we need to go back to the drawing board.

We are currently working to redesign the app and combine it with some pilot behaviour change models, and the results thereof.

The next stage in this journey is this:
1. We will do the report writing of the work done so far.
2. Secondary research and Detailed interviews with people who have successfully led knowledge initiatives to identify the key parameters that go into a successful knowledge program.

We are, of course, looking for volunteers for both. The ideal people will be Grade 10,11,12 students who want to understand social change from a macro, strategic perspective and want to understand how social change is a result of deep strategy executed with everyday rigour, not a feel-good activity that people just turn up to do.

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Thank you!