Sunday, April 23, 2017

Report in The Free Press Journal Mumbai

Today, The Free Press Journal did a story on making books accessible to all.

Esha was featured in this story :) . The story is a lovely compendium of effort
being made by individuals and organisations to make knowledge accessible to all. Do read and share.…/they-cant-see-but-…/1056282

Monday, April 17, 2017

The crying need for good CSR Talent

Take a look at this report:

Here are some key metrics for you to consider:
  1. "The number of companies spending CSR budgets exclusively through corporate foundations increased to 72 from 60 last year, reflecting an increasing trend towards companies building their own capacities for implementation. "
2. "Finding the Right Project" remained a challenge for as many as 14% of the companies.

3. Planning and Implementation was a challenge for 44% of the companies.

If there is one thing that this report is trying to say, it is that we desperately need good CSR talent to realise the dream of a progressive India through Corporate Social Responsibility.

A good CSR Program has the following structure:

The only thing that can catalyse or ruin this change - is people. People who make it possible for the 2 sectors to talk to each other successfully and productively.

There is money. There are agents of change (NGOs and government programs). There is a need for funds. Yet, 44% of the companies are not able to plan and implement effectively. 14% of them are still struggling to find the projects, and 12 companies have had to set up their own foundations to do the work.

That is the price that we are paying for not creating great CSR Talent. 8,185 crores was spent by Indian corporates on CSR last year alone. Imagine the difference that can make to a country like India.

It is time to plug that gap and to create greatness through corporate partnership in social spending.

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Sunday, April 9, 2017

Library Updated - 6034 to 6293 audio files

Today, we made another release to the online library.

We went from 6034 files to 6293 files.

With this release, we add Assamese and Garhwali languages to the library, and we have waited a long time for this :)

Some of the content you can now enjoy in the online library is:
A. Civil Services exam preparation.
B. GATE exam preparation
C. A lot of content to learn Sanskrit
D. Over 10 new quizzes!
E. Harappan civilisation information in Gujarati
F. Prof. Mohan Singh's poetry in Punjabi
among others....

This addition to the library has content from the following Read Fest partners, in addition to the individual contributors, of course:
B. Milliman
C. Moody's
D. SAP Labs

Enjoy the new additions!