Tuesday, September 2, 2014

I am Alisha Maria, working as Esha coordinator; recently I went for blind school visit with the student of Shri Ram School. It was a very wonderful experience, after the visit my whole concept towards blind people was changed.

It is true blindness is a great physical handicap that prevents anyone leading a normal life. But physical blindness cannot destroy the vision of one’s mind. 
There are lots of modern technologies that allow the blind to connect themselves to the world of information. Digital technology has given the blind people ever-expanding opportunities for self development and professional growth.

In this technology driven world the blind will never find themselves lonely and lost. There a wide variety of machines that can provide them help and assistance to lead a normal life independently.
The technology used there to help the kids was amazing. There were Braille printers, keyboards for typing, software of every kind that aided the visually impaired kids with computers. There was this one software called JAWS that converted whatever was on the computer into audio to help the visually challenged. I thought that was a brilliant idea and would be very useful.

Education is a powerful tool which can bring about societal transformation very effectively. Therefore taking the students for a blind visit is necessary, an inclusive education will help the normal children to understand the problems of the disabled.Educating the disabled in special schools will only widen the gap between the normal and the disabled children.And in this blind school they enable the blind  people to compete withe the normal people.

I feel when they are able to study together a normal child will develop natural compassion towards the physically challenged and will render all types of help required for the disabled child to survive in the society.
I really felt very happy talking to the children, spent lot of time to share love and affection with them. Students listened to them patiently and tried to create a hope in them.

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