Sunday, July 22, 2012

Feedback on the Copal Partners Staged Encounters

Syed Ayaz Mehndi
Life is a gift, and we sometimes take it for granted. We are displeased with what we have and always wish for more. I think if we stop and thing and look around us, there are so many people in the world who are not only poor but have some kind of disability.

Vision is n ability which is so important and this workshop helped me thing about it, again, in between my materialistic life. Thanks so much. The interaction was great. Keep up

Upendra Bhatt
It was a great experience for me, with lot of fun. Drishti is doing a great job. I wish them success in future.

Neha Narang
I would like to thank esha Braille and AICB for giving us the opportunity to be a part of this program. This was really an eye opener. I feel we all are really lucky that we can see. Now I can feel that it would actually be difficult if we have to feel how these people feel. Their pain can not be felt, cannot be imagined. Just in 5 minutes we felt so much of pain in finding each other. Everything was blank. It is seriously a pain. Thanks a lot again. Feel lucky that I could join.

Feedback from the Copal Partners Theater Workshop - July 2012

In this series, we post feedback of all the participants, in a series of posts - this is part 1. :-)

Garima Arora:
Its an honor and pleasure to be a part of this event. When we came across Raju and team, we realised the true meaning of vision in our lives. Its just that we are very selfish that we don’t try to understand its true meaning. I personally feel once I get a chance and If I am eligible, I would like to donate my eyes for someone.

 Priyam Barooah:
Attending the theatre workshop was an experience that made me practically realise how difficult it is to live life and get through day to day work without the gift of vision. I salute the people who are living a strong and independent life without vision and I believe every individual should have that kind of passion in life to do something in life.

I am considering taking the decision of doing something more and contributing for the blind after this experience.

Thank you!

It is indeed very inspiring to see a blind person living his life to the fullest. It makes you think and makes you want to do more with you own life. A very big thank you to the organisers of this event to make me realise what more I should be doing with my life. A very powerful and confident presentation which was fun at the same time.

Theater Workshop (Staged Encounters) _ Copal Partners - July 2012

The best thing about Staged Encounters is that it’s a laugh riot.


Sample this:
How will we know its evening?
Ask the rooster, he was the one who told us about the morning.

Or this:
Beta, will you donate your eyes?
Wait papa, let me ask Pinky. (his gf)

When you spend 3 hours laughing, it does a world of good to your health.

The Theater workshop at Copal Partners was conducted in 2 batches – On 19th and 20th July, 2012

Lots of unique things about this workshop :

2 Friends of Esha volunteered to be co-trainers and experienced this workshop for the first time. Thank you, Ayesha and Smitha :-)

The members of the first batch loved the trainer so much that the next day, when Raju went back for the second batch, the first batch had a gift waiting for him. We were all so touched. This was the first time that a batch actually thought of buying something for Raju.

It is very common to find people laughing their hearts out in Staged Encounters. But for the first time, we also saw people crying openly. Yes, in an office. That was a never before moment for Esha.

Parul (the HR manager from Copal Partners) just summed it up best :

Didn’t know how easily a small 3 hour workshop can bring so much appreciation for life, vision and just living.

You can see more pictures here:
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