Sunday, October 21, 2018

India Vs Sri Lanka - Blind Cricket Match INternational

Cricket Association for Blind in Delhi (CABD) along with Cricket Association for Blind in India (CABI) is organising a cricket match between the Blind cricket teams of India and Srilanka. We cordially invite you to attend the match and to cheer the visually impaired players.
Venue: Roshanara Club, Roshanara Garden, Near Kamla Nagar, Delhi-110007.
Date & Time: 23-10-18 from 14:00 onwards.
For any query feel free to dial +91-9911711608 / 9971938737
 You can watch the match live on DD sports.

Accessible Durga Pooja Pandal

What does Ma Durga feel like? Those who have seen her in her magnificent form in the pandals, know what an awe inspiring moment that is.

We can now share that awe inspiring moment with others:

Sunday, October 14, 2018

At the PMI National Conference, 2018

At the PMI National Conference today, as a Conference Special, Esha did an On the Spot Braille Enabling of cards. The response was awesome!

We took some time to explain to people how a Braille card helps not just the visually challenged but also those who are sighted. Every card is a message that we are inclusive, without us needing to say anything. Every card is a reminder that the world needs our empathy and inclusion.

Thank you to everyone who brought their cards over. Some of them also learnt Braille!

While a lot of people took pictures of the braille enabling, smart as we are, we forgot to take pictures!! Sharing the picture taken by Aarushi Batra, the founder of Robin Hood Army. Thank you!

Braille Enabling Chhavi Rajawat's card

When children learn Braille

Last month, Grade 6 students of The Shri Ram School learnt Braille as part of their social initiative.

In each section, we started the session by asking how long they think they will take to learn Braille. The answers ranged from 2 minutes to 4 years!
We then asked them to turn on the stopwatch and see how long it actually takes. We took 20 minutes. In 20 minutes, every child was able to write the notation of their names in Braille.

The day was full of excitement, fun, enthu and one girl wrote the Braille notation for "I Love Braille" and showed it to us. That was the melt heart moment of the day for us.
Explaining the Brailler and the magic of the 6 dots

And we know Braille!

Learning Braille

Learning Braille

2 more Braille Cards

Oh well, the updates are a little belated, but they are as heartwarming as ever.

In September, we did 2 more lovely braille cards:
Braille Visiting Card in India

Braille Visiting Card in India