Friday, September 19, 2014


Hi friends!!!

I am Alisha Esha’s coordinator. Today I really had a wonderful experience. Today I went to Junta Blind School, Gurgaon for painting workshop for the children with major and minor sight loss.

The children were encouraged that even those with little sight to take up this wonderful pastime. It is very relaxing and a great way of enjoyment for the children. I had assumed that blind people would have little interest or talent in creating images. I was very wrong. It is clear that blind people can appreciate the use of outlines and perspective to describe the arrangement of objects and other surfaces in space. But pictures are more than literal representations. For them the importance of touch and feeling is more when creating art without sight.

They felt that they would always be an inferior way of creating art when compared to what could be accomplished with eyesight. But more than this though their entire perception has been changed. Children were very happy and excited. Students asked me to repeat this workshop again. And the best part was that even though they were having difficulties in making the drawings they were not ready to give up. They said they will slowly connect with this new thing they started learning. ; It was a really wonderful experience for both me and students.

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