Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Quotes on Teachers

To help you prepare speeches etc. for Teachers Day, we have compiled and recorded Teachers Day quotes in English.

Here is the audio file.

The Blind DO get greeting cards - The Sri Ram School visit to Junta Blind School on Independence Day

One of the things i say when i talk about Esha and the need to sensitise the world is " and the blind never get greeting cards."

But I wont be able to say that any more. The students of Class 7 E of The Sri Ram School, and their teachers, have closed that chapter for me.

The teacher came up with the idea that we should carry something for the students they are going to meet at the Blind School. "Why not tactile greeting cards?"
"Why not, indeed?" The entire class jumped in. Each student had his/her own idea on how to make a card that can be touched instead of read or seen. The message of "Happy Independence Day" was inscribed in Braille using innovative materials.

And every student of the Junta Blind School in Gurgaon got a card that said "Happy Independence Day"

Days like this make Esha worthwhile. Days like this inspire us and keep us going. Days like this leave us speechless and full of gratitude. That is 30 young adults who will remember to design for EVERYone when they grow up. If thats not a blessing, i dont know what is.

Here is the rest of the story, in pictures:

Map of India - made using glue and colored sand filling.

A cross section of the tactile greeting cards. the children tried to indulge every sense in these cards. you can see them, touch them, smell them and also taste them! there was a toffee in most cards. If that is not amazing thinking, i dont know what is.

Happy Independence Day written in Braille using pulses.

 Happy Independence Day in Braille using sequins
The SOIL team with the team of teachers that inspired the 7th class students to do this amazing thing.
thats me with the teachers - completely awed and dumbfounded by the sheer brilliance of what lay on that table.


Monday, August 26, 2013

Pablo Neruda poetry to be added to the library today

Hellos! Am happy to report that this morning, i recorded 4 pieces of poetry by Pablo Neruda.

This time, there has been a really long gap. But things were very busy here at Esha and i expect the Read Fests to pick up again soon.

The poems have been added to the library!

The path is:

English > Poetry by Pablo Neruda

Enjoy maadi! This is the first time we have added Neruda to the content. Hope you enjoy it.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Story of CLABIL told at the Rex Conclive 2012

Last year, while getting the Rex Karmaveer Puraskaar, we also got a chance to talk about a cause close to our heart.

We spoke about democratising knowledge- the reason why we have CLABIL, and why it is so important for a country like India.

Take some time out to understand the project. The talk about CLABIL starts at 09:30 minutes into the video and ends at 23:05, effectively about 14 minutes. After that is the QnA session.

The video is here.


Friday, August 2, 2013

Extraordinary experience for the students of Sri Ram School

It was yet another extraordinary visit for the students of Sri Ram School and the class of 7 E were totally touched by the experience they had in the 3 hours they spent at Janta School for Visually Challenged. It was not only a great experience for them, but also for the visually challenged students who for the first time in their lives received custom made Greeting Cards by the students of Sri Ram school in order to celebrate the spirit of Independence day. We managed to get the feedback of all 30 students who visited the school and the comments below show how moved they were by the experience.

Here they are

Aarushi Asthana
It was nice visiting the blind school. I hope we could visit them again! :)

Abhinav Dasgupta
I was moved….. No one like them. I salute them.

Adhira Andlay
I was impressed that how they were capable of this.

Aman Wadhwa
It was a nice experience. I loved the way they worked on the computers.

Ananya Kakkar
It was nice visiting the blind school. And I guess there’s a lot to learn from them.

Aniket Saigal
I really liked the way they study braille, play music and work on computers. I think we could learn a lot from them.

Armaan Kalra
I think its just amazing how much they can do without seeing anything. It was really an amazing experience.

Amav Pawar
I think it’s amazing how they can do so much without seeing!

Chiraya Banga
I was astounded on how much they manage to do without vision.

Hemanya Gupta
It was an amazing experience and I was shocked how much they can do without their eyesight.

Madhur Prashant
It was a great experience watching them manage things.

Mehi Junega
It was immensely spectacular and inspiring to realize that without their eyes, of vital importance, they manage to do something amazing, whereas we pity ourselves. We should do something and stop pitying about ourselves. That’s what I’ve learnt and that was my experience. It was sad and I was amazed to see how they can do so much.

Naman Sahni
It was amazing. I was shocked to see how these people were amazing to do things that any of us can barely do. Too Good.

Navya Bajaj
I had a wonderful experience here. I was amazed and shocked at the same time.

Noor Lamba
It was a very touching experience, these people are just too good. They sing so well and I cannot even imagine myself in their position. They are very brave and awesome. My experience with them was very good.

Paree Chopra
It was a great experience. They have achieved a lot, they can do so many things. We have learnt so much from them.

Priyanka Gour
I was amazed to see that we can’t do half the things that they do with ease. I was really impressed and I think we learnt a lot from them.

Ria Goel
It was an awesome experience and I was awestruck at the sight. When I look at it from their perspective, I’m not even able to imagine their life. Inspite of them losing such a colorful organ, they’re so experienced at everything and hats off to their skills.

Rohan Khosla
This was one of the best experiences of my life. These people have no eyes yet they are living happily and think that life is good no matter what. The learning they have given me is that whatever happens, it happened for a good reason.

Saloni Tandon
This is one of the best experiences. These people are so good at everything. They do things we cannot do.

Shiv kanan.C
It was one of the life changing experiences I ever had. I loved it.

It was an amazing experience. It was really touching to see how blind people live. After seeing them I know how important my eyes are.

Shrey Bansal
It was a great experience. I got to know how to write Braille. I would love to visit them again!!

Shreya Khanna
It was an amazing experience. I have learnt a lot. Thanks to esha.

Shruti Jhumb
I was touched. I hope we visit them again.

Twisha Dubey
It was a great experience.

Tanya Juneja
I was quite sad and amazed by seeing them.

Tanishq Aggarwal
It was a great experience observing the people who are not as privileged as we are and I appreciate their abilities.

It was a amazing experience. It was inspiring, about how they worked. I learned a lot, learned to appreciate life.

It was indeed a great experience for this batch of young students who felt really inspired and motivated after spending their time at the Janta School.