Sunday, August 31, 2014

Competitive Exams Audio Download

I am very happy to report this - the library has added 100 files the previous week and we released the update.

For this update, special thanks to:
1. Kuldeep Singh (Himachal Pradhes) - he runs a small radio show for the visually challenged and shared content all the way from Chamba. Thank you!
2. Indu Dahiya mam and her daughter Tanushree, for sharing the stories recorded by Indu mam for CLABIL.
3. Alisha Mariya, who joined us as a full time volunteer on August 20, and has already created over 20 files which are model papers for competitive exams.

Since we have a full time volunteer for some time now, please do send in your requests for content that you need, and we will be happy to work on it.

The online library is at