Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Joy of Giving
The following is a guest post from one of the students of the School of Inspired Leadership on her experience attending the Read-a-fest event conducted by the Student coordinators of Esha. Have a read.

The joy of giving is a feeling that could be felt only by the true benevolent soul and heart. If sometime in my life I ask myself a question “who is the person that means the most to me”, I would count on the people who shared my pain and caress my wound with warmth of care and console rather than who gave me solutions, advices or showed the ways to cure it.  So it’s not about how we give but it’s about how much love and compassion we put in while giving to others. I feel proud to say this festival of philanthropy was celebrated by the “GO-GIVERS” batch at School of Inspired Leadership.  Esha, a NGO that works for the blind, organized a Read-A-Fest event to celebrate the Joy of Giving Week. Our batch of students recorded voices for audio books which are meant for the visually impaired children.  This will go to the online library CLABIL(Central library for Audio books in Indian Language) which already has over 1000 audio files recorded by Friends of Esha. Furthermore we are also planning to audio record some mini case studies on general management and finance which would help these students in their entrance exams and management institutes. This is an initiative taken up by BLP program Chair- Ms. Neetika Batra. It gives me immense pleasure to say that amidst such tight schedules we got a good number of volunteers to work on this project. This is the joy of giving that our “GO-GIVERS” enjoy by contributing to such a noble cause. These are the people that get more joy out of giving to others by putting a good deal of thought into happiness. 

Stuti Srivastava,

Business Leadership Program at the School of Inspired Leadership

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