Wednesday, September 25, 2019

" BLINDNESS AWARENESS :Respect for the blind "

A visit to VEGA SCHOOLS along with Nidhi, with the aim to sensitize the students on how it feels to be not able to see and walk with a cane . 

The blindness awareness activity was conducted to foster student's understanding and acceptance for the blind. A path was chosen and the students were instructed to make groups of two, where one student from each group will close the eyes and the other would act as a guide, here the guide was not to pull but to walk with the partner holding his arm. With trust, each group performed actively.

The students thoroughly enjoyed and were constructively engaged.
Thanks to the Principal of VEGA SCHOOLS for such nice gestures and kind words.

Today, what I witnessed made me truely believe that how challenging it can be, yet they are still able to meet the hardships of life along with the will to survive. I rightly agree that fortune favours the Brave ! We should treat them normally and vouch for their assistance .It was a valuable, enriching experience .
Eye opener indeed!!

Some Moments of awareness..

Friday, September 13, 2019

Summer Project 2019 - Report

This year's summer project was one of the most productive Summer Projects that Esha has ever had.

Special Thanks to the Project Managers who managed this baton relay race so seamlessly that I had no idea when the project management changed!

They also managed volunteer selection, monitoring and reporting, and closure. Compared to the previous years, when our volunteers pick assignments and then drop out, this year, the sudden dropout number was very, very less. People were selected well, so they stuck to their assignments and the assignments were delivered high quality, on time, and with great professionalism.

The 3 main threads of this year's Summer Project were:

1. Content - Shreyas Kadam and Aprita Mary did an outstanding job of writing some high quality articles on the Esha blog.

2. Esha Research Project - Jainish Malhotra, Vikram Gaur, and Meenakshi Agarwal contributed to the secondary and primary research on this project. Their work was awe-inspiring because the insights that they picked up from the field, and their enthusiasm, can only be experienced, not described.

3. Voice Recording - This was, like every year, the most selected summer project option. This year, we laid special emphasis on career oriented content. So  you will now find previous years questions papers for upto the last 10 years for the following examinations:
D. Civil Services Exam - Mains and Prelims
G. SBI PO Exams

On the literature side, we added:
A. Viky Arya's poetry
B. Akbar Birbal in Marathi.
C. A story by Smita

And outside the Summer Project, Anil Bhagat ji, who is a long-time Friend of Esha, converted easy law (a long-pending dream of mine) from to audio for our users.  He also converted the text of the entire Draft National Education Policy - 2019 (NEP-2019), so that the print disabled can give their feedback on the policy too. This initiative of his was much appreciated by Vasudha Kamat mam, who is part of the NEP Committee.

It was SUCH a pleasure to be a part of the Summer Project 2019. Here's to every year being like this, or better. :) 

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Vedant Hingu's Blind Walk for his school project

Vedant Hingu (Grade 6 of Lancers School) had to do a social connect project at school. His mother got in touch with us and they decided to do a Blind Walk.

The Blind Walk was done at a club in Gurgaon and at the INA Metro Station, Delhi.

Here is his experience, in his own words: 
I conducted a blind walk at INA station on 11 September 2019. I was unsure of asking people to participate but I still tried. Some people asked me why am I doing this and some wanted to know if I want donation. When I told them that this activity is to create awareness about making people spaces available and safe for blind, they were still not very convinced. But once they did the walk (where they had to close their eyes and use only the cane for help)- they realised what I meant. I showed them what the tactile tiles are meant for. I pointed out how people had kept their luggage on the tactile tiles - blocking the way of the blind.  5 people did the blind walk today and I was happy that they realised how important it is. I wish more people would participate and help the blind

Explaining what the Blind Walk is about to the staff at the Club

Experiencing a Blind Walk 

At the INA Metro Station

Explaining why a Blind Walk is necessary to create inclusive citizens

And he has everyone's attention 

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Braille Cards no longer part of Esha

You know that moment when you have invested years in nurturing something, and finally, it grows wings, and learns to fly?

That moment, I have now learnt, is a moment of deep personal satisfaction.

Chandrashekar and Venkatesh have incorporated a legal entity and are now fully capable of handing ALL braille cards related business. They have been running the business independently for many years now, and have literally hundreds of satisfied corporate clients.
Going forward, Esha will no longer be doing Braille cards under its banner. We will direct all enquiries to these bright young entrepreneurs, of course. :)

Online Audio Library Updated with files from Summer Project 2019 - 6908 files now

The online library has just been updated. We have retired quite a few files this time, and added over 120 files from the Summer Project 2019, making this one of our most productive Summer Project years yet.

A special shout out to the project managers who made the Summer Project 2019 possible - Atharva Kale, Vaishnavi Choppalli, and Nidhi Reddy. These 3 young students did a relay race and ensured that the summer project got effective project management with no gaps. Hats off, people. You convince us that the future is very bright. If you can do project management like a boss before seeing your 20th birthdays, you are definitely onto something super special.

Special thanks also to our summer project interns who helped create the catalog. Some of them contributed immensely to the research project of Esha - Understanding the Knowledge Acquisition Behaviour of the Knowledge Have Nots.

Most of the new files added in this release - over 300 of them, are in the areas of competitive exam content, as required by the network. There are also common Indian Laws, and the entire Draft Education Policy in Audio.

Please check out the new library at