Friday, June 8, 2018

Check this out!!

Both Google and Microsoft are working on major technological advances based on audio and also specifically for the VI. I am keeping fingers crossed and hoping it happens soonest.

Library Updated - 6650 files now - Nepali added to languages

72 files were added today to the online audio library of Esha (

The most notable additions are:
1. 18 children's stories in Nepali.
2. Punjabi Akhaan - 4 files covering over 100 Punjabi sayings
3. Animal Farm - Entire book in a single file.
4. The book - Life is for You (Motivation)
5. Original quizzes by Meera Agarwal in English and Hindi
6. 2 more chapters of unabridged Arthashastra in Hindi

We hope you enjoy the new content.

The mobile app (Android: CLABIL) will also be updated shortly with at least 1500 new files.

Thank you for your continued support to the library.

In other news, on the Braille cards, we got 2 new clients from the Delhi region alone, and some very prestigious names have sent enquiries. We look forward to braille enabling their cards soon. :)

The Esha Summer Project is underway and doing very well.

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Esha's blog is in India's top blogs 2018 as well!

In 2017, we were so happy to find the Esha blog among India's top blogs. This is my favorite, favorite list because it is curated by real people and the only criteria for making it to this list is content.

Am so glad to share that the Esha blog is also in the list for 2018!

We don't know the people behind the initiative, but Thank you so much, ITB team, for recognising the work at Esha.

Friday, May 4, 2018

Our Requirements in different languages

Many of you ask about our requirements in langauges.
We were finally able to create this list. In every language, we want the following (in that order of priority):
A. Children's Stories
B. Proverbs and Idioms of that language. Any other cultural thing relevant to the language - any folk recipes, names of plants and animals etc. This will help people who dont know their mother tongue and want to learn it. ...
C. Wikipedia or otherwise GK articles on "States of India"
D. Wikipedia or GK articles on "India's neighboring countries"
E. Quizzes
F. Learn English through Indian languages - where one line is read in the native language and then the same line is read in English.
G. Best selling classic authors of that language. For Hindi, that would be Premchand. For Tamil, Thirukural etc.
H. Children's notes in their own language for any academic concept.

To see what we already have, please go to
Whatever is not there should be recorded!

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

The Esha Summer Project 2018 is here!

The Esha Summer Project 2018 is here!

The work options this year are greater than ever before and for the first time, there are 3 research projects too!

The best thing to do would be to download the presentation and see it in slide show format. Each slide indicates what that project entails, the time credit that you will get and the time that you need to invest.
And then tell us what you would like to do!

The ppt version of the Summer Project details is here:
The pdf version is here:

All queries and registrations to

Monday, April 2, 2018

Blind Walk at Nagarro Software

On the 28th of March, we organised a Blind Walk at both the offices of Nagarro. The team of SOIL completely owned and realised this event.

Sharing some pictures.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Mohammed Vohra - SOIL 2018 Batch - Experience with Esha

"I lack Sight, but not Vision” is driving motivation for us to work for the noble cause.

We, School of Inspired Leadership (SOIL) volunteers, got an opportunity to organize Tour De Vision (TDV) 4.0 cycling event in Gurgaon independently. I was fortunate to handle a team of 4 members under the guidance of TDV director, Rajesh Dhuddu, and founder of ESHA, Nidhi Arora. The objective was to sensitize people about the accessibility of public spaces for everyone – including differently abled.
Initially, we finalized date and venue for organizing our event. Prepared Project Charter, and Gantt chart which describes complete details of the event, task, and milestones to be accomplished. A great amount of time was invested in coordinating with our alums in gathering information about participants, corporate sponsors, promotion, snacks arrangement, balanced the budget, submission of all expenses receipts, payment to vendors. Brainstorming session helped us in setting our agenda and tasks to be accomplished on an individual basis.
Networking with the corporates and other organizations facilitated us in raising funds for our event. Multiple cold calls, and email communication helped us in reaching corporate sponsors in large scale. It was followed by scheduling meeting and pitching them to be part of this event. Conducted roadshows, advertising, digital marketing, and promotion in the corporate world for spreading our message among the public. Managing key stakeholders and fulfilling their requests was a challenging task which helped us in gaining client management skills. We ensured that expenses are minimal by identifying multiple vendors and buying products at cheapest prices.
We were fortunate to learn braille machine and printed 150 ‘Thank You!!!’ in braille. It was heart touching to see blind students from Janta Blind School crafting beautiful drawings on the gifts cards, to be given to the participants.
I was fortunate to do flag off for our event. We kept a checklist of all participants before and after the event to ensure that all are present at the venue. Blind walk and NAB (National Association of Blind) performance was followed by cycling event to sensitize how blind people function in the society.
Special thanks to all SOIL Volunteers, who helped us on the day of the event and making it successful. All credit goes to Rajesh Sir and Nidhi Ma’am for giving this wonderful opportunity to work for the social cause.

Rouble Munjal - SOIL - 2018 Batch - Experience of working with Esha

Working with ESHA foundation was one of a type experience. A typical NGO focuses on the
cause and wants other people to synthesise them but ESHA is an organization that is
working for dignity and empowerment of the visually impaired and to bring these
“differentially abled” people to the mainstream by making public space accessible for all.

I come from a mechanical background and I used to design the products that are used
by common people, but we never had the guidelines that we have to consider the
requirements that should suffice the usability of the product by these differentially abled
Our government had already laid down standards for designing of infrastructure, railways,
public areas, offices but are they actually being implemented??
This questions prompted me to join ESHA foundation. When I first visited the Junta Blind
School in Gurgaon, I met the people with better senses then ours, the only difference was
we can see things clearly. Their remembering capacities are way better than ours. Our effort
can lead to one step ahead in making this mission possible.  Over the tenure of 4 months we
were assigned we two projects:
1. Creating Knowledge Resources that are available to the visually challenged at all
times, through the CLABIL (Central Library of Audio Books in Indian Languages)
2. Conduct a cycling fundraising event Tour De Vision
Hands-on experience is a better way of getting knowledge than a traditional classroom
programme. I had learned this in early days of my Job. Now when I am pursuing MBA, this
National level cycling event had taught me how I can implement my management skills by
taking care of different stakeholders at the same time. Under the guidance Nidhi Mam and
Rajesh Sir, our team for SOIL were able to make this event successful. I actually want to
thank ESHA foundation to give me this opportunity.

Rouble Munjal
Volunteer ESHA foundation
SOIL 2017-18