Tuesday, December 4, 2018

How to get my patient a free bed in Delhi - www.charitybeds.com

Today, we heard about this awesome initiative that will really help everyone.
All private hospitals in Delhi are duty bound to offer some beds at low or no cost to poor patients.
This is a website that compiles the list of such beds every single morning and makes it available.
If you know anyone who is economically weak and is looking for treatment, please please guide them to this website:
They can call Gagan: +91-7838348237
Lalit Kumar: +91-9999071842
And these kindred souls will work to get them a free bed in these hospitals.

Monday, December 3, 2018

November 2018 Roundup

What a lovely November this has been!
In this month, we:
A. Conducted Read Fests at KPMG, Moodys, and SOIL (School of Inspired Leadership)
B. Did a Trust Walk with the German exchange students at The Shri Ram School, Aravali
C. Conducted Blind school visits for the Grade 7 students of The Shri Ram School, Moulasari, to the NAB Center for Women, Hauz Khas
D. Added some more Braille Cards customers, one of whom is a very prominent one.
E. We also visited the Namchi Blind School in South Sikkim to take stock of their learning needs. This is one of the remote schools from which we take requirements for our audio library. We noted the requirements for the next year and also gave them a free resource which they will use every day now - the daily newspaper for children, which is an initiative of our founder. This paper will now be shared with them every day at no cost. The school will use the in built screenreader of Adobe to read out the news to all the children in the assembly. Currently, the teachers have to make the news every morning in Braille and then the children read it out.

The audio content recorded during these Read Fests will particularly help Indian history fans (Original Kautilya Arthashastra in Hindi), and IAS aspirants (All 2018 Mains papers and Prelims papers recorded in audio)

80 files in English, Hindi, Marathi, Punjabi, Bengali, Tamil, Oriya and Malayalam were recorded. These will be a part of the next release, which is due this week.

The Blind School visits almost always make us very happy, because they help us sensitise a lot of children, and the children who walk out of that school truly understand the key words that we stand for - Dignity, Empowerment, and Enablement.

On the technical front, we made the code of the mobile app - CLABIL, more robust, and are working to improve the code even further. We have heated discussions on security for the mobile app, and I love those discussions!

Here's to an equally outstanding December.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

People’s zest for Read fest at KPMG

The Read fest at KPMG Cyber city, Gurugram is one of its kind experience.

It was really amazing to see people coming up with overwhelming zeal and interest to contribute for the recording. First and foremost I would like to acknowledge the support provided by Ms. Neelima Chakara in listening to this idea for rollout at KPMG and then working with us alongside her internal organization’s management to get all requisite internal approvals for this event and ensuring that all logistics are in place to ensure seamless rollout. And she achieved all this including rollout in just under two weeks.

“Huge thanks to her”

During the event, we were supported by one of the employee of KPMG: Ms Akansha Bawa. It was due to her assistance the event went smoothly.

I and Nidhi Ma’am coordinated the recording sessions and were simultaneously guiding the people with their queries. The memorable moments we had with the people is the reason we felt very happy and cheerful after the event.

I remember one conversation I had with one of the person who volunteered. He asked a humorous question after the recording completed, “Where do you work?”
The question instilled pride and happiness in me at the same time.
I told him that I’m still a student. I study in class 12 and I have been volunteering for Esha for a year.

It was indeed a very wonderful experience of working with professional people at KPMG.

Thanks a lot to Nidhi Ma’am for all her guidance and People of KPMG for the success of the event!!

Friday, November 2, 2018

Lead The Rest Through Read Fest!

As the doors opened for the Read Fest to be held at School of Inspired Leadership, we could see a plethora of eager volunteers gearing up for the same!
As the flurry picked pace, the excitement grew paramount with participants enquiring for the same, curiosity & inquisitiveness pretty evident from their expressions!

"So.. What's This About? Can You Brief Us?" 
                                                                                      - Anudeep, Student SOIL
The Esha Volunteers left no stone unturned be it through providing information to students or motivating them to record.

Needless to say, the students were very excited & eager to help.
Help implied they had to miss classes & record audio content for Esha..
"We want to help! But we have classes till 6:15! How to go about it?"
                                                                                                - Analytics Student, SOIL

It seemed like an uphill task to convince them to stay back after classes.
The time had come to enlighten the students on how just 10-20 minutes of their time could help a Blind person in understanding & interpreting the world he lives in, in a better way.

The Esha Volunteers did succeed in getting recordings in languages ranging from Tamil to Bengali.
The mission resonated well with the students & they could well understand the impact this was creating on the society they live in..

" Yes, it did take time. Yet, I feel like I've done something of greater value today!" 
                                                                                                   - Marketing Student, SOIL

The Impact could be felt in the conviction & tenacity the Participants showed despite the fact that there were multiple takes at recording owing to technical glitches & noise disturbances.

" We thank you with all our heart & soul. You guys have done a great job!"
                                                                                            - Shivangi Sharma, Volunteer Esha
                     In Picture: Two Students supporting Esha in Audio Recordings in Bengali & Oriya at Read Fest

The Experience was enriching & provided lots of learning to both SOIL Students as also Esha Volunteers.

The Impact could be felt, somewhere in between the softened mumbles of students & the sighs of the Volunteers....

Read Fest at KPMG and SOIL

This week saw 2 back to back Read Fests - coincidentally, KPMG held its first Read Fest ever on October 31st, and SOIL held its seventh Read Fest - SOIL is our longest standing year on year partner, and KPMG is our latest. What a lovely week to have! And what a great start to November!

The KPMG Read Fest was on October 31st, and the SOIL Read Fest was on November 1st.

Pictures awaited.

The KPMG team recorded the Mains papers for 2018 Civil Services exam, and it was a delight to see them leave the recording rooms HAPPY.

Sunday, October 21, 2018

India Vs Sri Lanka - Blind Cricket Match INternational

Cricket Association for Blind in Delhi (CABD) along with Cricket Association for Blind in India (CABI) is organising a cricket match between the Blind cricket teams of India and Srilanka. We cordially invite you to attend the match and to cheer the visually impaired players.
Venue: Roshanara Club, Roshanara Garden, Near Kamla Nagar, Delhi-110007.
Date & Time: 23-10-18 from 14:00 onwards.
For any query feel free to dial +91-9911711608 / 9971938737
 You can watch the match live on DD sports.

Accessible Durga Pooja Pandal

What does Ma Durga feel like? Those who have seen her in her magnificent form in the pandals, know what an awe inspiring moment that is.

We can now share that awe inspiring moment with others:

Sunday, October 14, 2018

At the PMI National Conference, 2018

At the PMI National Conference today, as a Conference Special, Esha did an On the Spot Braille Enabling of cards. The response was awesome!

We took some time to explain to people how a Braille card helps not just the visually challenged but also those who are sighted. Every card is a message that we are inclusive, without us needing to say anything. Every card is a reminder that the world needs our empathy and inclusion.

Thank you to everyone who brought their cards over. Some of them also learnt Braille!

While a lot of people took pictures of the braille enabling, smart as we are, we forgot to take pictures!! Sharing the picture taken by Aarushi Batra, the founder of Robin Hood Army. Thank you!

Braille Enabling Chhavi Rajawat's card

When children learn Braille

Last month, Grade 6 students of The Shri Ram School learnt Braille as part of their social initiative.

In each section, we started the session by asking how long they think they will take to learn Braille. The answers ranged from 2 minutes to 4 years!
We then asked them to turn on the stopwatch and see how long it actually takes. We took 20 minutes. In 20 minutes, every child was able to write the notation of their names in Braille.

The day was full of excitement, fun, enthu and one girl wrote the Braille notation for "I Love Braille" and showed it to us. That was the melt heart moment of the day for us.
Explaining the Brailler and the magic of the 6 dots

And we know Braille!

Learning Braille

Learning Braille