Wednesday, December 26, 2018

New School in the network - Aurangabad

Very happy to share this. Over the last two days - December 24th and 25th, I was at Aurangabad. The brief visit had 2 happy occasions:
1. We took the message of creating an inclusive society to over 100 young students at the MGM Institute. The students were from Class 11, and from classes 7 and 8.

I had so much fun doing this! The students were active and eager. We asked for 6 volunteers for the blind walk, and got 14, with more waiting. The learning was Braille was done with much gusto and the questions at the end were thought provoking. Thank you!

The visit to the blind school was equally good. We saw the basic and clean facilities, understood their requirements and were surprised to see the very low level of audio penetration, even though the students are working towards competitive exams.

The school is now a part of our audio library network and will share requirements.
Special thanks to MGM, and Dr. Aparna Kakkad in particular, for enabling both these interactions.

With the Grade 7 and 8 students, the principal and teachers

Talking about why inclusive spaces are necessary

With the Grade 11 students who asked some very interesting questions

This young lady asked a really interesting question - mam, how do you train them. This is her being trained on getting on stage without stumbling, and walking straight. It was very nice to see her confidence surge when she reached the stage on her own, and turned around to address the audience, all with her eyes closed!

A full house!

The hostel is in a simple, single builing

The school gate

The team after the discussion. MGM has consented to play an active role in the development of the audio library for the school

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

How to get my patient a free bed in Delhi -

Today, we heard about this awesome initiative that will really help everyone.
All private hospitals in Delhi are duty bound to offer some beds at low or no cost to poor patients.
This is a website that compiles the list of such beds every single morning and makes it available.
If you know anyone who is economically weak and is looking for treatment, please please guide them to this website:
They can call Gagan: +91-7838348237
Lalit Kumar: +91-9999071842
And these kindred souls will work to get them a free bed in these hospitals.

Monday, December 3, 2018

November 2018 Roundup

What a lovely November this has been!
In this month, we:
A. Conducted Read Fests at KPMG, Moodys, and SOIL (School of Inspired Leadership)
B. Did a Trust Walk with the German exchange students at The Shri Ram School, Aravali
C. Conducted Blind school visits for the Grade 7 students of The Shri Ram School, Moulasari, to the NAB Center for Women, Hauz Khas
D. Added some more Braille Cards customers, one of whom is a very prominent one.
E. We also visited the Namchi Blind School in South Sikkim to take stock of their learning needs. This is one of the remote schools from which we take requirements for our audio library. We noted the requirements for the next year and also gave them a free resource which they will use every day now - the daily newspaper for children, which is an initiative of our founder. This paper will now be shared with them every day at no cost. The school will use the in built screenreader of Adobe to read out the news to all the children in the assembly. Currently, the teachers have to make the news every morning in Braille and then the children read it out.

The audio content recorded during these Read Fests will particularly help Indian history fans (Original Kautilya Arthashastra in Hindi), and IAS aspirants (All 2018 Mains papers and Prelims papers recorded in audio)

80 files in English, Hindi, Marathi, Punjabi, Bengali, Tamil, Oriya and Malayalam were recorded. These will be a part of the next release, which is due this week.

The Blind School visits almost always make us very happy, because they help us sensitise a lot of children, and the children who walk out of that school truly understand the key words that we stand for - Dignity, Empowerment, and Enablement.

On the technical front, we made the code of the mobile app - CLABIL, more robust, and are working to improve the code even further. We have heated discussions on security for the mobile app, and I love those discussions!

Here's to an equally outstanding December.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

People’s zest for Read fest at KPMG

The Read fest at KPMG Cyber city, Gurugram is one of its kind experience.

It was really amazing to see people coming up with overwhelming zeal and interest to contribute for the recording. First and foremost I would like to acknowledge the support provided by Ms. Neelima Chakara in listening to this idea for rollout at KPMG and then working with us alongside her internal organization’s management to get all requisite internal approvals for this event and ensuring that all logistics are in place to ensure seamless rollout. And she achieved all this including rollout in just under two weeks.

“Huge thanks to her”

During the event, we were supported by one of the employee of KPMG: Ms Akansha Bawa. It was due to her assistance the event went smoothly.

I and Nidhi Ma’am coordinated the recording sessions and were simultaneously guiding the people with their queries. The memorable moments we had with the people is the reason we felt very happy and cheerful after the event.

I remember one conversation I had with one of the person who volunteered. He asked a humorous question after the recording completed, “Where do you work?”
The question instilled pride and happiness in me at the same time.
I told him that I’m still a student. I study in class 12 and I have been volunteering for Esha for a year.

It was indeed a very wonderful experience of working with professional people at KPMG.

Thanks a lot to Nidhi Ma’am for all her guidance and People of KPMG for the success of the event!!

Friday, November 2, 2018

Lead The Rest Through Read Fest!

As the doors opened for the Read Fest to be held at School of Inspired Leadership, we could see a plethora of eager volunteers gearing up for the same!
As the flurry picked pace, the excitement grew paramount with participants enquiring for the same, curiosity & inquisitiveness pretty evident from their expressions!

"So.. What's This About? Can You Brief Us?" 
                                                                                      - Anudeep, Student SOIL
The Esha Volunteers left no stone unturned be it through providing information to students or motivating them to record.

Needless to say, the students were very excited & eager to help.
Help implied they had to miss classes & record audio content for Esha..
"We want to help! But we have classes till 6:15! How to go about it?"
                                                                                                - Analytics Student, SOIL

It seemed like an uphill task to convince them to stay back after classes.
The time had come to enlighten the students on how just 10-20 minutes of their time could help a Blind person in understanding & interpreting the world he lives in, in a better way.

The Esha Volunteers did succeed in getting recordings in languages ranging from Tamil to Bengali.
The mission resonated well with the students & they could well understand the impact this was creating on the society they live in..

" Yes, it did take time. Yet, I feel like I've done something of greater value today!" 
                                                                                                   - Marketing Student, SOIL

The Impact could be felt in the conviction & tenacity the Participants showed despite the fact that there were multiple takes at recording owing to technical glitches & noise disturbances.

" We thank you with all our heart & soul. You guys have done a great job!"
                                                                                            - Shivangi Sharma, Volunteer Esha
                     In Picture: Two Students supporting Esha in Audio Recordings in Bengali & Oriya at Read Fest

The Experience was enriching & provided lots of learning to both SOIL Students as also Esha Volunteers.

The Impact could be felt, somewhere in between the softened mumbles of students & the sighs of the Volunteers....

Read Fest at KPMG and SOIL

This week saw 2 back to back Read Fests - coincidentally, KPMG held its first Read Fest ever on October 31st, and SOIL held its seventh Read Fest - SOIL is our longest standing year on year partner, and KPMG is our latest. What a lovely week to have! And what a great start to November!

The KPMG Read Fest was on October 31st, and the SOIL Read Fest was on November 1st.

Pictures awaited.

The KPMG team recorded the Mains papers for 2018 Civil Services exam, and it was a delight to see them leave the recording rooms HAPPY.

Sunday, October 21, 2018

India Vs Sri Lanka - Blind Cricket Match INternational

Cricket Association for Blind in Delhi (CABD) along with Cricket Association for Blind in India (CABI) is organising a cricket match between the Blind cricket teams of India and Srilanka. We cordially invite you to attend the match and to cheer the visually impaired players.
Venue: Roshanara Club, Roshanara Garden, Near Kamla Nagar, Delhi-110007.
Date & Time: 23-10-18 from 14:00 onwards.
For any query feel free to dial +91-9911711608 / 9971938737
 You can watch the match live on DD sports.

Accessible Durga Pooja Pandal

What does Ma Durga feel like? Those who have seen her in her magnificent form in the pandals, know what an awe inspiring moment that is.

We can now share that awe inspiring moment with others:

Sunday, October 14, 2018

At the PMI National Conference, 2018

At the PMI National Conference today, as a Conference Special, Esha did an On the Spot Braille Enabling of cards. The response was awesome!

We took some time to explain to people how a Braille card helps not just the visually challenged but also those who are sighted. Every card is a message that we are inclusive, without us needing to say anything. Every card is a reminder that the world needs our empathy and inclusion.

Thank you to everyone who brought their cards over. Some of them also learnt Braille!

While a lot of people took pictures of the braille enabling, smart as we are, we forgot to take pictures!! Sharing the picture taken by Aarushi Batra, the founder of Robin Hood Army. Thank you!

Braille Enabling Chhavi Rajawat's card

When children learn Braille

Last month, Grade 6 students of The Shri Ram School learnt Braille as part of their social initiative.

In each section, we started the session by asking how long they think they will take to learn Braille. The answers ranged from 2 minutes to 4 years!
We then asked them to turn on the stopwatch and see how long it actually takes. We took 20 minutes. In 20 minutes, every child was able to write the notation of their names in Braille.

The day was full of excitement, fun, enthu and one girl wrote the Braille notation for "I Love Braille" and showed it to us. That was the melt heart moment of the day for us.
Explaining the Brailler and the magic of the 6 dots

And we know Braille!

Learning Braille

Learning Braille

2 more Braille Cards

Oh well, the updates are a little belated, but they are as heartwarming as ever.

In September, we did 2 more lovely braille cards:
Braille Visiting Card in India

Braille Visiting Card in India

Friday, September 7, 2018

More Braille Cards

It's so good to meet social entrepreneurs working to address fundamental issues through innovative solutions. And of course, it's great to do Braille cards for more people!
Picture of a Braille Enabled card in India

Since doing this card, we have done 3 more cards within this week and 5 more enquiries.

We are also considering opening a legal entity for the braille cards business - to be created and run by the professionals who have run this business for 10 years - Venkatesh and Chandrashekar.

AND, we have an awesome new client - an embassy is getting their cards braille enabled from us - here in India. :)

Monday, August 13, 2018

Esha's Theater Workshop - Feedback of school students for a workshop held in 2015

The drama workshop was a wonderful experience where we learnt about drama. We also heard a story which taught us the importance of our eyes. We enacted plays where we were blind and showed the problems we face without them. We also learnt co-operation and team work as we presented our ideas in teams or groups. Some of the plays were amazing. This workshop gave us the opportunity to learn to imagine, different situations and our reaction to varied troubles. We understood the difficulties faced by the blind through the story where a family had to sacrifice their eyesight for a day. We pity the blind people and have decided to do or donate to them. It was an enjoyable session.

The workshop has taught me a lot. I’m usually not so good in drama, but this drama workshop helped me in drama acting. The 2nd round was tough, but I like tough challenges. We had to close our eyes and enact. We all did well but I accidently hit a team mate’s face. ME and Aditi were supposed to be together but I was with Sanchya . Now I feel so hard to even close my eyes for barely 5 minutes, I think about the Blind people. So this has helped me a lot.  

Nivedha Perumal , VII “D” , 

This workshop was really was helpful to me as taught me many things. Firstly it taught me the importance of each and every body part. Without our eyes it’s very difficult to our day to day chores. When I grow up, I would invent something so that the blind people do not have to be blind anymore. Eyes are one of the main organs in our body and we should take good care of it. I also learnt to coordinate with my team mates. The most important thing I learnt today is that not only facial expressions are important but we should also show emotions in the way we speak. I am very grateful that I could be a part of this workshop.


This workshop was really fantastic. I liked the workshop and now I love drama even though I was not really fond of drama before. It was how we acted together was good and expressing thoughts and showing your feelings in a play was super fun. How each character just fell into place in their roles was great. Especially showing our talents that we never thought we had was interesting. Like I always thought I had stage fear but now I was able to shout and jump and cry on the stage freely. I feel sorry for those people who missed this I would be super delighted if these type of workshops could be held more times for others too.

                                                                    SRISNEHA (VII D)



I liked this workshop because it was fun and I really enjoyed it. I got to cooperate with my group. It was also a new experience. I felt that blind people don’t have to struggle. They always have someone to help. I then realised that even if I close my eyes for some time I feel scared. I am really lucky to have two eyes.                                                                                                      

                                                                                                                                       Thank you



My feedback is that this workshop was a great learning through dialogues and not only through action. We also learnt how to cooperate with other team members. This was also a great fun. We also learnt that our eyes are very important and we are very lucky to have our eyes to see this colourful and wonderful world. We must not neglect it. We must also try our best to donate something to others. In this workshop, when we had to close our eyes and act for 10 minutes but we could not do it so we thought about how blind people could live without their eyes for such a long time. So our eyes and other parts of our body are very important so do not think badly about it.




 This is one of my favourite workshop that I have been to. This experienced was so amazing. The story was very nice. Acting with my eyes closed was very tough and then after I had opened my eyes I felt like I have to come back to life and I got to know how the people who are blind feel like. The person who had conducted our workshop was a very nice person and I felt sad that he was blind. This experience was one of the best experiences.




This workshop was extremely interesting. It was very active and expressive.  I enjoyed it thoroughly. The acting part was the best.

Smitha S.


It was a very different experience. Though our instructor was out of sight he was able to communicate with us freely. Due to this our team spirit and communication skills increased. We also realised that the lives of blind people is not very easy life. I have not until date acted as a blind person to be blind is not easy.




This workshop was really good. I learnt that acting is a very tough profession. It was a very humorous workshop. It also made me realise how hard it is to live without one of our senses.


It was a new and enlightening experience to act as a blind person. It showed me the difficulties that they go through and has made sure that I will be more sensitive to them in future.



Basically, acting is really hard. On the top of that acting blond is even harder. This workshop has taught me that we take everything we have for granted and we should value everything we have. Blind people or those who don’t have something which is very important clearly have more willpower than I do. So we must respect them.



I learned the importance of eyes. I was really inspired by Mr. Gholi. The activities were really fun. I got a chance to stay with a visually impaired person, so I am grateful. - Abhinav

I learnt a lot from this work top. I learnt that the eye is the window of the world. This workshop was based on how the eye is so important to us. Mr. Gholi made us do so 2 plays based on people who don’t have eyesight.

 Rex Jacob


Today’s session was wonderful. We learnt a lot from it but mainly we learnt the value for eyes. The plays which we did even though we were just closing our eyes we couldn’t do anything. It is so great to think that blind people are really talented, all they need is a little support from us.


I think it was a wonderful workshop. I learned that we shouldn’t take our eyes for granted. I also learned that being blind is not the end of the world. Blind people can still do things normal people do. In fact, something they can do much better than people with eyes.


Really admire people who are visually impaired, they are absolutely legendary.


I realized the importance of eyes. I realized that eyes are my window to the world. I also learnt that donation of eyes is an important social service.

N. Sai Shreeharini


Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Blind Walk At Government Schools

The experience was nothing short of amazing when the sensitization was carried forward through government schools & awareness was spread starting right at the grass-root level!
" Are there schools for the Blind? How do they study? " quipped Neha, a 10 year old as she completed her Trust Walk exercise...

As the curiosity levels soared & youngsters got not only more aware regarding blindness, but also traces of concern & inquisitiveness could well be seen bubbling in the innocent yet curious eyes of the budding change makers..

" I feel amazing after interacting with these young minds.. I've talked to them about blindness before on  multiple counts as my sister is also going through the same " 
-Teacher (Saksham Bal Vikas Sansthan)

It's wondrous how deeply can we impact the lives of these children by making them aware about the blind, sensitizing them so that they develop not only the strength to help & support them but also take inspiration from their tenacity & determination with which they lead their lives..

" So how do they eat? ", asked Arjun, his face gleaming with curiosity 

We sensitized them not only about the Blind & how their strength gets them going but also about Braille & how they study!

" Can I learn Braille too? ", quipped curious Sambhav as he looked intently at his teacher

The positive vibes could very well be felt as the drone of noises that schools are known by could be channelled into positive dialogue with the impact very well received by the students.

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Blind Walk At Huda Metro Station

As the crowds amassed creating the usual bedlam at the Huda Metro Station, the Esha Volunteers found a great opportunity amidst the apparent chaos.. 
The Blind Walk at the Huda Metro Station was nothing short of amazing & we were virtually spellbound at the impact we could create in a small span by sensitizing through experience the challenges that the blind come across in their daily lives.
The crowd was divided into pairs of two where one walked with their eyes shut while the other trotted alongside to ensure there are no accidents from the same.

"It was an amazing experience.. 
This is how we understand how it actually feels to not be able to see what lies ahead.. 
Yet, hats off to the courage & determination showed by those who lead their lives very normally despite the same"  
                                         - Aanchal Gupta (Participant)

Not only did it sensitize people about the discomfort faced by the Blind in their daily chores, but also inspired them to undertake their lives with greater rigor & gratitude.

"I'm amazed at how much the blind can inspire us in the infinite power of the human will & ability, & how less do we make out of the same, despite having all that we're blessed with.. " - Aryan Mehta (Participant)

The Esha Volunteers were able to inspire as also get heaps of inspiration from the experience!

"We are geared up & all set for Mission Sensitisation!"
                                                              - Shivangi Sharma (Volunteer, Esha) 

The Esha Volunteers shared their individual experiences after the activity & the enthusiasm seemed to have totally caught a viral trend..

"I feel inspired & it's such an enriching experience" 
                                                               - Himanshi Motiani (Volunteer, Esha)

A lot of people we sensitized were coming from office, after having spent a long tiring day & yet were eager to take up the Blind Walk Experience!

 "I feel that we need to sensitize more people as very less people think along these lines & you people at Esha are indeed doing a great job"  
                                                                              - Samridh Kapoor (Spectator)
The day ended on a positive note with a sense of satisfaction & good vibes ! 

Friday, July 6, 2018

Self-E: INdia's first self driving wheelchair

Three final-year engineering students of Amritha Vishwa Vidyapeetham University in Coimbatore have developed a self-driving wheelchair called ‘Self-E’ with an autonomous navigation system which ensured easy travel of users from one place to another without user intervention. The Robotic Operating System (ROS) helps navigate automatically making it user-friendly. The user can touch any point on the generated map, and the wheelchair will drive to that place automatically navigating its own path and avoiding obstacles.

Read more here:

and here:

Thursday, July 5, 2018

The Children's Post of India - now available for audio

I started The Children's Post of India in June 2017 as a 4 page daily newsletter for children. The issue was that there was no daily newspaper and to form a habit, we need to read something everyday.

The newsletter has now completed an year and has weathered some storms.

The editorial team of the newsletter has decided to increase the tribe. So while we are talking to some volunteers to convert some key feature articles into audio, do feel free to take the content if you are a blind school, and read it to the children in the morning assembly.

If you are an NGO working with underprivileged children in any way, pls feel free to take the newsletter and use with your own children.

The newsletter is shared with a small Facebook community. Just ask to join the group:

When asking to join, please mention the NGO you are with and we will approve request.

Will also update when we are able to release an audio version.

PS: If you are the parent of a child in this age group, you can also join the group. This is not a commercial publication and cannot be bought for money.

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Poor man's assistance for the visually impaired

Beyond the electronics, the visually impaired can also receive assistance in moving around with the help of Service dogs. These dogs help the disabled to get any special assistance which is important in their daily lives. For example, dogs can be trained to pick things up, visually guide those with visual impairments, gives reminders to take medication or to attend any event, help in correcting your movement etc. These dogs always accompany you everywhere you go and a special thing about these dogs is that it allowed to enter places which don’t allow dogs. These dogs are with you all the time and it is pretty beneficial.


Electronic aids for the visually impaired

Continuing on the earlier post, another area of innovation is in providing help the visually impaired to move around. We are familiar with the white cane as a mobility tool. The modern technology has helped in the creation of the so called 'Electronic Travel Aids'. Such devices help the visually impaired get information on the surrounding objects on the road, With this one would be able to avoid obstacles and reach their destinations.


Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is a device which helps to convert scanned images to text and this can be read out with the help of a Screen Reader. People suffering from any sort of vision disorder depend on their family members to read books/newspapers. The OCR makes things easier by scanning the required material and this can be read out by the Screen Reader. The advantage of this device is the disabled need not get any assistance in reading books/newspapers.

Similarly, digital audio player/recorders also help to reduce one’s dependence on their family members. They assist a visually impaired person to record any important information which includes appointments, contact numbers etc.

Refreshable Braille Display for the Visually Impaired

Continuing on the previous post, we would like to look at another device that has helped the visually impaired. Braille is a tactile writing system used by the visually impaired. There is an interesting innovation based to this called “Refreshable Braille Display”.This is a device which helps in displaying Braille characters. It has to be connected to the computer via a USB cable. Once connected to the computer, the Braille display acquires the highlighted words and translates into braille characters. The Refreshable Braille Display enables its users to see or read anything on electronic gadgets. They can write braille characters with the original slate and stylus or type it on a braille writer, such as a portable braille note taker or computer that prints with a braille embosser.


Wednesday, June 27, 2018


Technology has been improving more and more every day. The mobile phones, televisions, and laptops we use today have been improvised over a period to make life easier. It is evident that technology has been very important in almost every aspect of our lives. One important aspect that we are going to look at is how technology has changed the lives of the visually impaired.

The first and foremost innovation is the screen reader software. This software allows the visually impaired see what normal people see on a display with the help of ‘Braille device’, sound icons, speech synthesizer etc. It uses Text-to-Speech engine to read out what is displayed on the screen.

This not only helps the visually impaired, but also the illiterate and the people suffering from disorders that prevent them from learning. Many technology companies have undertaken the effort to integrate this software into their products. For example, Microsoft has included Microsoft Narrator screen reader in their operating system. Google has included the Talk back screen reader in Android. Blackberry has included similar software in some of their devices like the Blackberry 10.

Let's do a Blind Walk!

Now that summers are over, we look forward to another year of sensitisation.

If you are in Delhi NCR, we would love to do a Blind Walk at your office, housing society, colony park, school or college. Contact us and we will set up a date.

Blind Walk is an event that Esha has conducted successfully to sensitise people to the need for inclusive environments.

We hope to do 5 Blind walks in July 2018 and our aim is to create at least 1 lakh sensitised people this year. Let's get started!

There is no charge for a Blind Walk. So if you are an employee engagement professional looking to do a free activity that is also Fun@Work, contact us today!

Blind Walk at Nagarro Software - March 2018

Friday, June 8, 2018

Check this out!!

Both Google and Microsoft are working on major technological advances based on audio and also specifically for the VI. I am keeping fingers crossed and hoping it happens soonest.

Library Updated - 6650 files now - Nepali added to languages

72 files were added today to the online audio library of Esha (

The most notable additions are:
1. 18 children's stories in Nepali.
2. Punjabi Akhaan - 4 files covering over 100 Punjabi sayings
3. Animal Farm - Entire book in a single file.
4. The book - Life is for You (Motivation)
5. Original quizzes by Meera Agarwal in English and Hindi
6. 2 more chapters of unabridged Arthashastra in Hindi

We hope you enjoy the new content.

The mobile app (Android: CLABIL) will also be updated shortly with at least 1500 new files.

Thank you for your continued support to the library.

In other news, on the Braille cards, we got 2 new clients from the Delhi region alone, and some very prestigious names have sent enquiries. We look forward to braille enabling their cards soon. :)

The Esha Summer Project is underway and doing very well.

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Esha's blog is in India's top blogs 2018 as well!

In 2017, we were so happy to find the Esha blog among India's top blogs. This is my favorite, favorite list because it is curated by real people and the only criteria for making it to this list is content.

Am so glad to share that the Esha blog is also in the list for 2018!

We don't know the people behind the initiative, but Thank you so much, ITB team, for recognising the work at Esha.

Friday, May 4, 2018

Our Requirements in different languages

Many of you ask about our requirements in langauges.
We were finally able to create this list. In every language, we want the following (in that order of priority):
A. Children's Stories
B. Proverbs and Idioms of that language. Any other cultural thing relevant to the language - any folk recipes, names of plants and animals etc. This will help people who dont know their mother tongue and want to learn it. ...
C. Wikipedia or otherwise GK articles on "States of India"
D. Wikipedia or GK articles on "India's neighboring countries"
E. Quizzes
F. Learn English through Indian languages - where one line is read in the native language and then the same line is read in English.
G. Best selling classic authors of that language. For Hindi, that would be Premchand. For Tamil, Thirukural etc.
H. Children's notes in their own language for any academic concept.

To see what we already have, please go to
Whatever is not there should be recorded!

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

The Esha Summer Project 2018 is here!

The Esha Summer Project 2018 is here!

The work options this year are greater than ever before and for the first time, there are 3 research projects too!

The best thing to do would be to download the presentation and see it in slide show format. Each slide indicates what that project entails, the time credit that you will get and the time that you need to invest.
And then tell us what you would like to do!

The ppt version of the Summer Project details is here:
The pdf version is here:

All queries and registrations to

Monday, April 2, 2018

Blind Walk at Nagarro Software

On the 28th of March, we organised a Blind Walk at both the offices of Nagarro. The team of SOIL completely owned and realised this event.

Sharing some pictures.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Mohammed Vohra - SOIL 2018 Batch - Experience with Esha

"I lack Sight, but not Vision” is driving motivation for us to work for the noble cause.

We, School of Inspired Leadership (SOIL) volunteers, got an opportunity to organize Tour De Vision (TDV) 4.0 cycling event in Gurgaon independently. I was fortunate to handle a team of 4 members under the guidance of TDV director, Rajesh Dhuddu, and founder of ESHA, Nidhi Arora. The objective was to sensitize people about the accessibility of public spaces for everyone – including differently abled.
Initially, we finalized date and venue for organizing our event. Prepared Project Charter, and Gantt chart which describes complete details of the event, task, and milestones to be accomplished. A great amount of time was invested in coordinating with our alums in gathering information about participants, corporate sponsors, promotion, snacks arrangement, balanced the budget, submission of all expenses receipts, payment to vendors. Brainstorming session helped us in setting our agenda and tasks to be accomplished on an individual basis.
Networking with the corporates and other organizations facilitated us in raising funds for our event. Multiple cold calls, and email communication helped us in reaching corporate sponsors in large scale. It was followed by scheduling meeting and pitching them to be part of this event. Conducted roadshows, advertising, digital marketing, and promotion in the corporate world for spreading our message among the public. Managing key stakeholders and fulfilling their requests was a challenging task which helped us in gaining client management skills. We ensured that expenses are minimal by identifying multiple vendors and buying products at cheapest prices.
We were fortunate to learn braille machine and printed 150 ‘Thank You!!!’ in braille. It was heart touching to see blind students from Janta Blind School crafting beautiful drawings on the gifts cards, to be given to the participants.
I was fortunate to do flag off for our event. We kept a checklist of all participants before and after the event to ensure that all are present at the venue. Blind walk and NAB (National Association of Blind) performance was followed by cycling event to sensitize how blind people function in the society.
Special thanks to all SOIL Volunteers, who helped us on the day of the event and making it successful. All credit goes to Rajesh Sir and Nidhi Ma’am for giving this wonderful opportunity to work for the social cause.

Rouble Munjal - SOIL - 2018 Batch - Experience of working with Esha

Working with ESHA foundation was one of a type experience. A typical NGO focuses on the
cause and wants other people to synthesise them but ESHA is an organization that is
working for dignity and empowerment of the visually impaired and to bring these
“differentially abled” people to the mainstream by making public space accessible for all.

I come from a mechanical background and I used to design the products that are used
by common people, but we never had the guidelines that we have to consider the
requirements that should suffice the usability of the product by these differentially abled
Our government had already laid down standards for designing of infrastructure, railways,
public areas, offices but are they actually being implemented??
This questions prompted me to join ESHA foundation. When I first visited the Junta Blind
School in Gurgaon, I met the people with better senses then ours, the only difference was
we can see things clearly. Their remembering capacities are way better than ours. Our effort
can lead to one step ahead in making this mission possible.  Over the tenure of 4 months we
were assigned we two projects:
1. Creating Knowledge Resources that are available to the visually challenged at all
times, through the CLABIL (Central Library of Audio Books in Indian Languages)
2. Conduct a cycling fundraising event Tour De Vision
Hands-on experience is a better way of getting knowledge than a traditional classroom
programme. I had learned this in early days of my Job. Now when I am pursuing MBA, this
National level cycling event had taught me how I can implement my management skills by
taking care of different stakeholders at the same time. Under the guidance Nidhi Mam and
Rajesh Sir, our team for SOIL were able to make this event successful. I actually want to
thank ESHA foundation to give me this opportunity.

Rouble Munjal
Volunteer ESHA foundation
SOIL 2017-18

Nairit Joysula's experience with Esha - SOIL 2018 batch

As part of SOIL we have an SIP program, we have to associate with an NGO, and I chose Esha foundation. The reason why I chose Esha was because of the blind walk exhibited by the NGO founder. The blind walk was a really good way to show case what it is to feel when you do not have sight. Our objective was to conduct a TDV event, which is Tour De Vision.

The objective was to collect a little bit of funds to help the NGO run for an entire year. We were given freedom and autonomy, in the process of running the event, we also learnt about the challenges and even we became aware that how is to feel when you do not have vision.
What could do better next time, we should have our communication from the starting. From Esha, it can be having multiple events.

My next advice to the batch is you should understand the purpose of driving this is. Irrespective of the placement situation and the grading situation, if you understand the purpose properly, I think you will do everything by yourself

Monday, February 26, 2018

Blilnd Walk @ Leisure Valley, Gurgaon - 24th Feb, 2018

On Saturday, Feb 24th, at 11 am, we conducted a Blind Walk at Leisure Valley, Gurgaon.

Harminder Soni and his wife Meera, Aditi Hingu and her son Vedant, and Md. Vohra, Siddharth Birla, and Rouble Munjal, students of SOIL, were the volunteers who helped at the event.

We had some Decathlon vouchers left over from the Tour de Vision event, so we were able to give out the vouchers to participants at the Blind Walk.

The pics are a combination of the 3 cameras. :)

But here is what I love about Blind Walks. When you tell people that they are going to have an eye opening experience in the next 10 minutes, they smile at you - that nice, indulgent smile that says, 'you're optimistic.'

10 minutes later, after just the first format, when they open their eyes, the indulgent smile is gone. The eyes are open as if they are seeing the world for the first time, and most of them are speechless. They are overwhelmed. Most of them take time to come back to reality, and then just nod their heads, part incredulous and part...well, speechless, unable to put what they are feeling into words. And it happens EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Harminder S Soni doing Audio Guidance with a participant

Nidhi guiding Vedant on the 3rd format while Md. Vohra and Meera Soni look on.

Meera Soni guides Aditi Hingu

The team at the end. Harminder and Meera had to leave at 1215, we continued till about 1240

Harminder Soni guiding Md. Vohra on his first Blind Walk. You have to experience it before you volunteer and guide others. Some of the participants look on.

One of the participants experiencing the Blind Walk