Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Year long project at TSRS

Last week, students of Class  at TSRS recorded for the CLABIL project .

The follow up activity was for them to visit an institution. We chose Junta Blind Hostel in Gurgaon.

And on this day, like some other days, i can see the difference Esha makes to real people. To the children who went to that school. They came out thoroughly impressed with the talents and ability of the people they had just visited. Those children came out transformed.
Am very grateful for that.

We'll let pictures do the rest of the talking.

Understanding Computer education - and the concept of screen readers

computer class room - they are being shown how screen readers are used

having fun :)

getting VERY impressed with the fine work involved in chair making and the precision involved.

this was the best part - in the music room, the visitors sang a song that they had prepared for the school. In turn, the school also sang a song that was prepared for the visitors. At the end, both sides were singing with each other :)

learning braille - formally.

group photu at the end. In the pic are Swapna mam who is the class teacher of the class, Narendra sir who runs the Gurgaon institution, and of course, a bunch of very happy kids.


Sunday, March 24, 2013

Feedback: The Sri Ram School Theater Workshop

On 6th March, 2013, Raju from Esha took a workshop. It was very impactful. Children were very thankful to Raju Bhaiya for taking then on a journey with no eyes. It was conducted to sensitise the children towards visual impairment and after the workshop we all felt that without this workshop we could not have created the same impact.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Web Anywhere: A web based screen reader :)

Today, i heard about the most amazing thing - a web based screen reader that is absolutely pathbreaking!!! Its called WebAnywhere (WA).

Why is a web based screen reader revolutionary ?
Because it completely ELIMINATES  machine and software dependancy. Before WA, a blind person could only use their own machine to use personal computing. the screen reader needed to be installed on the machine.

But now, ANY machine can be used by a blind person. All they need to do is to click on the link and they're on!!

Happy Independence Day, Folks! We are free to use any machine we want from here on.

See the awesomeness here:

Sunday, March 10, 2013

More 9Tankis with students - IIT Delhi and The Sri Ram School, Aravali

As i have said before.. when we do 9Tankis with children, it always excites me more because when we sensitise the children, we sensitise the future.

So we are very happy to talk about the workshops that happened this quarter - with IIT Delhi, and with Class 7 students of The Sri Ram School, Aravali campus.

The pictures of the Sri Ram School workshop are here:

For IIT Delhi, we could only get this picture:
Theater Workshop (9Tanki) of Esha at IIT Delhi, Feb 2013
Raju Koli continues to be very popular with all the people who attend the workshop. His feedback is so positive that even we are moved and touched, every single time.

I was reading through the IIT Delhi feedback and if even 10% of these students remember a part of the experience they went through today.. we will live in a lot more inclusive world.

Even at The Sri Ram school, the enthusiasm of the teachers, and their involvement in the entire project was so wonderful...

days like this make us want to send a prayer - someone up there is watching out for us.. :)