Monday, February 26, 2018

Blilnd Walk @ Leisure Valley, Gurgaon - 24th Feb, 2018

On Saturday, Feb 24th, at 11 am, we conducted a Blind Walk at Leisure Valley, Gurgaon.

Harminder Soni and his wife Meera, Aditi Hingu and her son Vedant, and Md. Vohra, Siddharth Birla, and Rouble Munjal, students of SOIL, were the volunteers who helped at the event.

We had some Decathlon vouchers left over from the Tour de Vision event, so we were able to give out the vouchers to participants at the Blind Walk.

The pics are a combination of the 3 cameras. :)

But here is what I love about Blind Walks. When you tell people that they are going to have an eye opening experience in the next 10 minutes, they smile at you - that nice, indulgent smile that says, 'you're optimistic.'

10 minutes later, after just the first format, when they open their eyes, the indulgent smile is gone. The eyes are open as if they are seeing the world for the first time, and most of them are speechless. They are overwhelmed. Most of them take time to come back to reality, and then just nod their heads, part incredulous and part...well, speechless, unable to put what they are feeling into words. And it happens EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Harminder S Soni doing Audio Guidance with a participant

Nidhi guiding Vedant on the 3rd format while Md. Vohra and Meera Soni look on.

Meera Soni guides Aditi Hingu

The team at the end. Harminder and Meera had to leave at 1215, we continued till about 1240

Harminder Soni guiding Md. Vohra on his first Blind Walk. You have to experience it before you volunteer and guide others. Some of the participants look on.

One of the participants experiencing the Blind Walk

Monday, February 5, 2018

Experience of Handing out a Braille Card..

Every time I speak with people who got Braille done on their cards, I hear such beautiful stories of relationships, great first impressions, people who wonder and people who love..

Sharing one such story.. this time, I requested them to please speak on camera also...