Friday, December 26, 2014


We at Astha have taken on altering the view of what is possible for people with bodily disabilities and in the process create a common ground for both people with and without disabilities to come together as ONE for ONE Common Purpose -  We call this JUGALBANDI Sports

We have done this successfully 

Through JUGALBANDI Chess - On 22nd Nov 2014 

And through JUGALBANDI Cricket - On 14th Dec 2014

We are now set make this happen through JUGALBANDI Tennis - On 28th Dec 2014 at KSLTA, Cubbon Park

Unique Tournament where players on wheelchair join hands with players on feet to form teams. Nice Such teams have been formed that will play a one day tournament on 28th Dec 2014..

Request you to take out time for couple of hours to watch these unique matches and be part of creation of new reality. 

I am attaching a flyer for more information and also a Link to Promo 

I request you to help us create awareness about this by spreading information about this tennis tournament to employees in your organisation/Company. You could also help us by posting the information on Your Facebook Account or Twitter

Thank you

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Thoughts on International Disability Day 2014

As one more International Day for PWD dawns, we are not celebrating. Because we wonder when these terms will change. Suppose it was, International Day to become aware of Disablers? Suppose this were a day when, instead of looking around and saying, "Oh, we must do more for PWD" , we said, "We have been disablers for far too long. That must change TODAY."

Suppose, this day were to dawn differently? Suppose we were to start the day by everyone doing something to enable the world around them? Learn Sign language, pick up Braille, record an audio book, create a ramp near their house or in the colony park, visit a blind school to understand ability rather than disability?

That would be a good start. There is a Hindi saying that goes, "बात करने से बात बनती है " - When you communicate, things happen. But to communicate, we have to speak the same language - suppose we took the first direction towards that communication?

बात करने से बात बनती है.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Feedback from Dr. Sunita Chugh on braille cards for her..

Thank you for writing my name in braille on my printed visiting cards. it is such a good idea. I just can't thank you enough.
As an human resource consultant one of my struggles has always been about how to tune myself sensitively into people and without disturbing them.
I experienced a clean shift after printing my new cards through you. Now when present my card ;  a few people have directly asked me, is this braille ? and then their voice softens. Their eyes gleam . And I live a new hope ; that I will be understood by them sensitively , naturally and easily.
Our conversation flows invariably more smoothly after a braille card is received by my prospective clients!
Many cheers for this wonderful visionary work and initiative.