Friday, April 25, 2014

Record and Upload! - The Esha Summer Project 2014 is back

The Esha Summer Project is back!

This year, its bigger, its better and its more co-ordinated.

CLABIL Project - Opening the World through Audio
Some of you may have recorded for CLABIL over the last few years.. this year, we will work with every child to know what they like recording, so that the kids have fun doing the recording.

Am very happy to share that this year, the Summer Camp was inaugurated by the founder's 6 year old son, by recording 1- 10 in Sanskrit.

Here is how to go about it:
1. Email with the ages of your children, and please do provide an email id/ phone no. at which you can be contacted.
2. Someone from Esha will call you and discuss what will be best for your child to record.
3. It will help for parents to listen to the first few recordings to ensure that the audio is audible and not too muffled.

4. Once the recording is done, simply upload to google drive using the credentials that the esha team will have shared with you.

That's it! The Esha team will do the cataloging and add it to the library.

But its not all altruistic. Encourage your child to record and listen back to their own voice, and watch their voice modulation improve automatically. You will be surprised at the results by the end of summer. We promise!

To see what the children have done already, go to


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