Friday, May 4, 2018

Our Requirements in different languages

Many of you ask about our requirements in langauges.
We were finally able to create this list. In every language, we want the following (in that order of priority):
A. Children's Stories
B. Proverbs and Idioms of that language. Any other cultural thing relevant to the language - any folk recipes, names of plants and animals etc. This will help people who dont know their mother tongue and want to learn it. ...
C. Wikipedia or otherwise GK articles on "States of India"
D. Wikipedia or GK articles on "India's neighboring countries"
E. Quizzes
F. Learn English through Indian languages - where one line is read in the native language and then the same line is read in English.
G. Best selling classic authors of that language. For Hindi, that would be Premchand. For Tamil, Thirukural etc.
H. Children's notes in their own language for any academic concept.

To see what we already have, please go to
Whatever is not there should be recorded!