Monday, August 13, 2018

Esha's Theater Workshop - Feedback of school students for a workshop held in 2015

The drama workshop was a wonderful experience where we learnt about drama. We also heard a story which taught us the importance of our eyes. We enacted plays where we were blind and showed the problems we face without them. We also learnt co-operation and team work as we presented our ideas in teams or groups. Some of the plays were amazing. This workshop gave us the opportunity to learn to imagine, different situations and our reaction to varied troubles. We understood the difficulties faced by the blind through the story where a family had to sacrifice their eyesight for a day. We pity the blind people and have decided to do or donate to them. It was an enjoyable session.

The workshop has taught me a lot. I’m usually not so good in drama, but this drama workshop helped me in drama acting. The 2nd round was tough, but I like tough challenges. We had to close our eyes and enact. We all did well but I accidently hit a team mate’s face. ME and Aditi were supposed to be together but I was with Sanchya . Now I feel so hard to even close my eyes for barely 5 minutes, I think about the Blind people. So this has helped me a lot.  

Nivedha Perumal , VII “D” , 

This workshop was really was helpful to me as taught me many things. Firstly it taught me the importance of each and every body part. Without our eyes it’s very difficult to our day to day chores. When I grow up, I would invent something so that the blind people do not have to be blind anymore. Eyes are one of the main organs in our body and we should take good care of it. I also learnt to coordinate with my team mates. The most important thing I learnt today is that not only facial expressions are important but we should also show emotions in the way we speak. I am very grateful that I could be a part of this workshop.


This workshop was really fantastic. I liked the workshop and now I love drama even though I was not really fond of drama before. It was how we acted together was good and expressing thoughts and showing your feelings in a play was super fun. How each character just fell into place in their roles was great. Especially showing our talents that we never thought we had was interesting. Like I always thought I had stage fear but now I was able to shout and jump and cry on the stage freely. I feel sorry for those people who missed this I would be super delighted if these type of workshops could be held more times for others too.

                                                                    SRISNEHA (VII D)



I liked this workshop because it was fun and I really enjoyed it. I got to cooperate with my group. It was also a new experience. I felt that blind people don’t have to struggle. They always have someone to help. I then realised that even if I close my eyes for some time I feel scared. I am really lucky to have two eyes.                                                                                                      

                                                                                                                                       Thank you



My feedback is that this workshop was a great learning through dialogues and not only through action. We also learnt how to cooperate with other team members. This was also a great fun. We also learnt that our eyes are very important and we are very lucky to have our eyes to see this colourful and wonderful world. We must not neglect it. We must also try our best to donate something to others. In this workshop, when we had to close our eyes and act for 10 minutes but we could not do it so we thought about how blind people could live without their eyes for such a long time. So our eyes and other parts of our body are very important so do not think badly about it.




 This is one of my favourite workshop that I have been to. This experienced was so amazing. The story was very nice. Acting with my eyes closed was very tough and then after I had opened my eyes I felt like I have to come back to life and I got to know how the people who are blind feel like. The person who had conducted our workshop was a very nice person and I felt sad that he was blind. This experience was one of the best experiences.




This workshop was extremely interesting. It was very active and expressive.  I enjoyed it thoroughly. The acting part was the best.

Smitha S.


It was a very different experience. Though our instructor was out of sight he was able to communicate with us freely. Due to this our team spirit and communication skills increased. We also realised that the lives of blind people is not very easy life. I have not until date acted as a blind person to be blind is not easy.




This workshop was really good. I learnt that acting is a very tough profession. It was a very humorous workshop. It also made me realise how hard it is to live without one of our senses.


It was a new and enlightening experience to act as a blind person. It showed me the difficulties that they go through and has made sure that I will be more sensitive to them in future.



Basically, acting is really hard. On the top of that acting blond is even harder. This workshop has taught me that we take everything we have for granted and we should value everything we have. Blind people or those who don’t have something which is very important clearly have more willpower than I do. So we must respect them.



I learned the importance of eyes. I was really inspired by Mr. Gholi. The activities were really fun. I got a chance to stay with a visually impaired person, so I am grateful. - Abhinav

I learnt a lot from this work top. I learnt that the eye is the window of the world. This workshop was based on how the eye is so important to us. Mr. Gholi made us do so 2 plays based on people who don’t have eyesight.

 Rex Jacob


Today’s session was wonderful. We learnt a lot from it but mainly we learnt the value for eyes. The plays which we did even though we were just closing our eyes we couldn’t do anything. It is so great to think that blind people are really talented, all they need is a little support from us.


I think it was a wonderful workshop. I learned that we shouldn’t take our eyes for granted. I also learned that being blind is not the end of the world. Blind people can still do things normal people do. In fact, something they can do much better than people with eyes.


Really admire people who are visually impaired, they are absolutely legendary.


I realized the importance of eyes. I realized that eyes are my window to the world. I also learnt that donation of eyes is an important social service.

N. Sai Shreeharini


Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Blind Walk At Government Schools

The experience was nothing short of amazing when the sensitization was carried forward through government schools & awareness was spread starting right at the grass-root level!
" Are there schools for the Blind? How do they study? " quipped Neha, a 10 year old as she completed her Trust Walk exercise...

As the curiosity levels soared & youngsters got not only more aware regarding blindness, but also traces of concern & inquisitiveness could well be seen bubbling in the innocent yet curious eyes of the budding change makers..

" I feel amazing after interacting with these young minds.. I've talked to them about blindness before on  multiple counts as my sister is also going through the same " 
-Teacher (Saksham Bal Vikas Sansthan)

It's wondrous how deeply can we impact the lives of these children by making them aware about the blind, sensitizing them so that they develop not only the strength to help & support them but also take inspiration from their tenacity & determination with which they lead their lives..

" So how do they eat? ", asked Arjun, his face gleaming with curiosity 

We sensitized them not only about the Blind & how their strength gets them going but also about Braille & how they study!

" Can I learn Braille too? ", quipped curious Sambhav as he looked intently at his teacher

The positive vibes could very well be felt as the drone of noises that schools are known by could be channelled into positive dialogue with the impact very well received by the students.

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Blind Walk At Huda Metro Station

As the crowds amassed creating the usual bedlam at the Huda Metro Station, the Esha Volunteers found a great opportunity amidst the apparent chaos.. 
The Blind Walk at the Huda Metro Station was nothing short of amazing & we were virtually spellbound at the impact we could create in a small span by sensitizing through experience the challenges that the blind come across in their daily lives.
The crowd was divided into pairs of two where one walked with their eyes shut while the other trotted alongside to ensure there are no accidents from the same.

"It was an amazing experience.. 
This is how we understand how it actually feels to not be able to see what lies ahead.. 
Yet, hats off to the courage & determination showed by those who lead their lives very normally despite the same"  
                                         - Aanchal Gupta (Participant)

Not only did it sensitize people about the discomfort faced by the Blind in their daily chores, but also inspired them to undertake their lives with greater rigor & gratitude.

"I'm amazed at how much the blind can inspire us in the infinite power of the human will & ability, & how less do we make out of the same, despite having all that we're blessed with.. " - Aryan Mehta (Participant)

The Esha Volunteers were able to inspire as also get heaps of inspiration from the experience!

"We are geared up & all set for Mission Sensitisation!"
                                                              - Shivangi Sharma (Volunteer, Esha) 

The Esha Volunteers shared their individual experiences after the activity & the enthusiasm seemed to have totally caught a viral trend..

"I feel inspired & it's such an enriching experience" 
                                                               - Himanshi Motiani (Volunteer, Esha)

A lot of people we sensitized were coming from office, after having spent a long tiring day & yet were eager to take up the Blind Walk Experience!

 "I feel that we need to sensitize more people as very less people think along these lines & you people at Esha are indeed doing a great job"  
                                                                              - Samridh Kapoor (Spectator)
The day ended on a positive note with a sense of satisfaction & good vibes !