Sunday, August 19, 2012

Update: Want to learn Braille?

If you want to learn Braille, this is one of those rare times. :-)

Tentatively on Saturday, August 25th, second half sometime, Esha will hold a Braille workshop. The venue is very likely to be close to DLF Phase 4 or 5.

It takes only about 20 minutes to learn Braille. So if you have always wanted to learn but didnt know whom to ask, or where to go, this is a good time to start!

Do spread the word.

Oh, and yes, we need a venue. The workshop is only for 5 seats (plus one seat for the trainer), and wont last longer than 40 minutes. The most suitable time is 1400 hours - just after lunch for most people. If you know someone who can volunteer a venue, please do let us know.

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