Sunday, August 12, 2012

Copal Partners - Theater Workshop Feedback - Final episode

The experience at workshop was great. Even more important was to learn how difficult it is to live life with some incapability and our trainer “raju” made us understand that very well. Salute to him that he was achieved so much like medals and degree. He is really a role model for those who have difficulty. Loved the workshop.

 Sonal Mehrotra
The workshop that was conducted made me realise how privileged I am with the gift of vision. There are so many people outside who are not so lucky. So I feel all of us should spare out some time from our busy schedules to help them and make their lives a little better. I would be more than happy to give my support to Drishti , in any possible way, in future as well.

Preeti Jain
It was really great experience attending this workshop. The difficulties which blind ppl face is just not comparable with any of us. Just in these 3 hour being part of workshop is just lived their life and it  was a great experience. Thanks to all.
Ranjeet R Pillai
It was quite an enriching experience. After today’s workshop I have even more realised the importance of our human organs, and how it feels to be deprived of even one of them. I really salute the people who are managing their lives in spite of their loss.
Have also decided to pledge my eyes. Looking forward to be more useful to society.
The experience that I feel through participating in this workshop is like how much difficult one should have without his eyes. It was so inspiring. I am speechless.
Lovelita Joseph
Through the workshop that we did I cant to experience how difficult it is for people who do not have sight. Though we see and notice people around us who are visually challenged but through this session which took hardly 5-10 minutes we could not do it without any prop etc. life is too difficult for them in reality whereas we sometimes feel that we lack so much. I really appreciate Drishti for the work that they are doing and I  have been blessed through this workshop. I really wish that we could actually support such people.
Ramanjeet Singh
Raju, you really taught me how well someone with a major disability can manage life and not for once crib about the fact that he does not have something.
Wonderful experience and very enlightening as well. It has encouraged me to think more.
Keep up the good work.

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