Sunday, August 12, 2012

More feedback from Copal Partners workshop

this is belated.. but i just got around to typing all this out.. once again, thank you ppl, for the awesome feedback!

Sonam Chopra
Life is much more than just living it.. we do not realise how much gifted we are.

Raju is an apt example of “spirited” success , it’s the spirit, - the undying, persistent, never give up spirit that is necessary pre requisite for achievement.

It was awesome experience , eyes closed for five minutes made me relaise the “gift” I have been blessed with. Thank you so much.. thanks!

Keep up the good work – all the best!

Parul Dhir
Very good experience. Learnt so much; didn’t know how easily a small 3 hour workshop can bring so much appreciation for life, vision and just living.

Amazing trainer, kudos to him and his independence and zest of making it big in life. Best of luck to him and wish him all success in life.

Navket Verma
Just want to say THANKS A LOT RAJU for such a wonderful workshop. Really learnt a lot from such an amazing trainer. Raju has really impressed me with his achievements. Really don’t understand how he manages his time. .need to learn from him regarding TIME management.


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