Saturday, March 10, 2018

Nairit Joysula's experience with Esha - SOIL 2018 batch

As part of SOIL we have an SIP program, we have to associate with an NGO, and I chose Esha foundation. The reason why I chose Esha was because of the blind walk exhibited by the NGO founder. The blind walk was a really good way to show case what it is to feel when you do not have sight. Our objective was to conduct a TDV event, which is Tour De Vision.

The objective was to collect a little bit of funds to help the NGO run for an entire year. We were given freedom and autonomy, in the process of running the event, we also learnt about the challenges and even we became aware that how is to feel when you do not have vision.
What could do better next time, we should have our communication from the starting. From Esha, it can be having multiple events.

My next advice to the batch is you should understand the purpose of driving this is. Irrespective of the placement situation and the grading situation, if you understand the purpose properly, I think you will do everything by yourself

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