Friday, October 30, 2015

Suno Books - The Mobile App Partner to CLABIL

Today, we want to talk about a totally awesome partnership - .
Suno is the mobile app partner that makes it possible for you to listen to our audio content on your Android Device.
On the google Play Store, the app is here:….
Here is what you must know about Suno, and why we have partnered with them:
1. The app is created by a very talented professional on his personal time.
2. The app only provides copyright free content in Hindi from our library. Very compliant.
3. The app is free. For the CLABIL content, you will never have to see ads.
4. The app does not store your personal data, or even personally identifiable data. It doesn't sell any information to anyone. This is a labour of love and a realisation of a personal idea.
5. The app is improving all the time!!
Do us a favour please - download the app, do try it out, and do share your feedback with us. Every time you do, we can make the app better and more user friendly. smile emoticon

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Ratika said...

Hi, How can one contribute in this?