Friday, October 23, 2015

CLABIL Catalog updated!

AND WE DID IT!! After a month of painstakingly listening to hundreds of files, correcting cataloguing errors, removing links to partner files that don't work any more.. the catalog is now updated!! 4916 files currently available...

Here are the main changes that you will observe immediately:
1. Inclusive Planet links removed - all 190 of them.
2. New content added - from our most recent Read Fests, Summer Projects etc.
3. Folders have been rationalised - 2 spellings for the same thing.
4. Hundreds of file entries corrected.
5. Some content has been deleted - Current Affairs that are no longer current, propaganda items etc.

In future, we will be very sensitive to propaganda items. Am sorry, but we have learnt to watch out as a result of this cleanup.

Do check out, the newly refreshed, cleaned up!


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