Monday, October 26, 2015

Impact of Audio Files as a learning intervention - Kick Starting the Exploratory Research @ SAI BHOOMI !!!

SAI Bhoomi is a not for profit school in Kanhai Village. Bhoomi caters to the educational needs of the students of Kanhai village. The main objective of Bhoomi is to educate the children to a level where they learn to read, write, be more self-aware and understand the importance of education free of cost. The subjects that are taught in the school are Hindi, English and Math. Apart from this the students are taught poems, shown movies and are made to present them to the class. There are 20 kids aged between 5 to 8 and a teacher to tutor them.

We visited the school as part of our attempt to understand the impact of the audio files in teaching, as a learning intervention. There are different learning styles visual, auditory & kinesthetic. Can these audio files also be used by the non-blind? Does it make an impact? We wanted to find answers for them. We played some basic poetry and moral story contents from CLABIL that were new to the kids. After listening to the audio they were able to recite it back.

Our observations were i) the kids found it amusing & interesting to learn from different voices in which they were recorded ii) schools like BHOOMI that have classes with kids of different age groups & grasping power the audios can be repeated till everyone is on track iii) Teachers can also widen their knowledge on various topics by listening to relevant audios.

We will kick start our exploratory research by recording responses of children from different age groups and schools. The impact of audio files as a learning intervention & content requirements for CLABIL can be studied.

Esha @ SAI BHOOMI, Kanhai Village

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