Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Raju Koli winner of karamaveer purasukaar

Today I am feeling very glad after getting this Karamaveer
Puraskaar. I want to thank Nidhi Mam,Jerry Sir And his Team for giving
me this opportunity.
     I want to share some moments while I was taking this award,When I
was attending Karamaveer puraskaar ceremony I listened to every
Kamaraveer Puraskaar Awardee who worked in different different fields
like some worked for child labour,agriculture,education for special
needs students,education for children living in slums etc. I salute to
everyone,I also thank to everyone who are taking the work forward for
their field.
    I was thinking about their lives which is very challanging.At last
I want to say that everyone is god gifted so we should help everyone
who are helpless and make their life better.
                                  "Sach hum nahi,Sach tum nahi
                                   Sach hain mehaz sangharsh hi"

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