Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Blind Walk

Today Esha conducted a blind walk activity. The blind walk is an activity wherein participant are blindfolded or close their eyes and is given a stick and asked to walk around.

We started with Indian  Habitat Center and secondly at Qutab minar complex. In this we practiced different kinds of blind walk a blind person goes through in his life , such as

·       Just walking alone with the help of white canes
·       Walking with the help of person who is not blind holding his/ her arms
·       Walking with the help of non blind person by just guiding by the direction   

Around 650 million people in the world is disabled , out of which 300 million people are visually impaired and face difficulties in everyday activities as simple as walking, commuting etc. Imagine scenario where you are asked to give up your ability to walk , run , play or see. Can you imagine a day without any of these? Life seems impossible . Through this event we are trying to make people understand the life of differently abled person.

As a participant of this event I really enjoyed this task but felt really difficult to walk eyes closed I was always feeling that I will fell down or something will hit me even their was another person guiding us. Whenever we have to get down a stairs felt so afraid .All this made me feel that how the blind person walk so confidently 

The main objective or things we learnt from this blind walk is:
  • Helped us in experience what it would be like to be without the sense of sight.
  • Be good partners and will safely guide each other on blind walks.
  • This is also a sensitizing campaign

Today  we have become so complacent and self –centered in ours lives that we choose to overlook the problems others face every day. A little help from each one can make a big difference in the lives of these people.

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