Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Journey to Ithaca

Many years ago, a kind teacher gave us  a poem to read. The Journey to Ithaca.

When one sent 4 very intelligent young people to a not so well to do Blind School in Delhi, India, one felt just a little bit like that teacher and a little bit like the Kaveri amma in Swades.
(In that film, Kaveri Amma sent him to collect rent from a tenant who is not paying up. Watch that shot sometime for the look on Kaveri Amma's face. (couldn't find it on youtube) )

After reading these guest posts, one feels a lot of gratitude.. it is one thing to associate with Esha because one wants to do something good. Quite another to open one's heart to blindness as a cause. I often tell people that once you have visited a blind school, you are never the same person again. With these young people, I have actually seen that transformation happen. Their eyes light up just a little differently now when we talk about our work at Esha, our shared vision for the year ahead.

Today's gratitude, is for the Hope of Ithaca in our lives, and for being a small boat on that journey to Ithaca for some very young, very committed people. Many years later, as they send a young person to a blind school, mindful of the way they are about to change their perspective, I hope that they think of Ithaca, look up and wink, aware that they have now become a boat to Ithaca.

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