Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A day to Remember

When you don't know what you see is what you understand, life takes you to a place where people can't see yet can understand.

Last week was one of the most memorable experience I have ever had. Esha foundation gave me this opportunity to visit the andhvidyalaya - The school for the blind. A small place with smaller room but enough for a lot of students to study and live. This school is specially designed for the blind children to learn. That day even brought us to meet Nirdosh, a partially blind youngster. His vision might be partial but his vision in life was far sighted. He has got his admission in Hansraj College and will be pursuing his degree in political science. He aspires to prepare a clear the UPSC exams in the future for which he has started coaching too. Nirdosh uses the Braille fluently and helps Esha foundation with typing Braille words on greeting cards, visiting cards, stickers etc. He is very efficient and dedicated to work he does. Overall it was a wonderful experience with loads of learning. I am sure we would have more to cherish in the future. 

Vrishin Bhamri

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