Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Meeting an Inspiration

It was 16th July, our first visit to Andh Maha Vidhalaya..

In contrast to the name, it opened the doors of high vision. Entering the school opened our handicapped sight, what we have been seeing so far was just a matter of chance. But, what we got to see there was an opportunity. There were these young kids, supporting each other selflessly. It was learning and inspiration flowing through all the corners of school. Students from all age groups were holding hands and playing, studying, sharing jokes. It reminded us of our school days, the laughter, fun, friends, learning, and laboratories. So engrossed we were looking into every nook and corner and a voice called us from back. He was Nirdosh, a young partially blind boy. What a positive aura he brought along!

Nirdosh is an aspiring UPSC candidate with an excellent academic record. He has managed to get admission in the prestigious college of Delhi University- Hansraj College, in Political Sc. Meeting him and knowing about his achievements was an eye opener for us! So humble and composed he stood, telling about how he manged to accomplish so much. He had such a passion for learning, which could be motivating for all of us..

A day to remember, a person to was truly a motivating visit! 

Pooja Singh

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