Sunday, August 9, 2015

What else can you do with a Braille Card this festive season?

1. You can use it to say "Thank you" to your most important customers. And let them know how special they are. You can reward them with a lovely experience - one that they will take home and show to their children/ family, one that they will keep in a quiet corner of their purse.

2. Children can pick up the basic Braille Cards and embellish them to say "Thank you" to their Teachers on the upcoming Teacher's Day.

3. You can pick up "Seasons's Greetings" braille stickers and paste them on your Diwali / Dussera / Rakhi cards. As experiences go, this is as sweet as a box of unexpected chocolates. Ask the ones who have tried.

What are some of your ideas for using Braille Cards / Stickers?

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