Sunday, August 9, 2015

Thank you Cards in Braille

What is inclusive and exclusive at the same time?


Thank You Cards for Businesses.. and People
This year, we created Braille Thank You and Seasons Greetings cards that are so cute - complete with a hand made bow on top.

Why did we want to do it?
See, Braille is not just for the VI. Look at the card above. Its beautiful, its exclusively handcrafted, and anyone getting this will stop in their tracks and look at this card - CAREFULLY. Those .5 seconds of your customer's mindspace - will make an imprint in their mind. That's not easy in today's stimulus heavy, screen driven world.
 In fact, the shock value of a braille card is its greater strength. Someday, we hope that Braille Cards are so common that there is no shock value attached to them. But that's for later. Today, they are amazing pieces of engagement and brand building. They are inclusive.. because they put the spotlight on the fact that Braille cards are necessary.. and they are exclusive.. because they don't look like the next card shop delivered Thank you cards. They look like someone took the time to select the precious thing. And that's all we want.

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