Sunday, November 16, 2014

Updates on the reach of CLABIL

This is a happy post. Last night, while going through the stats of the audio library, I noticed that, in the last week, we have got hits from the places we wanted to reach - small towns in India, and big towns who do not normally use this library... the whole idea of creating an online library was to distribute access, and over the last fortnight, apparently, we have done very well on that front - the visits are from Jorhat in Assam, Patna, Guntur (AP), Vienna, Japan, Bhubaneshwar, Gulbarga, Hapur(UP), Patiala, Nasik, Thane, Dhaka, Islamabad, Ireland, Udaipur, Ernakulam... Am happy to see the reach spreading out so much .. Good Morning, World!

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