Thursday, November 20, 2014

Radio Run!

At the talk at IIM Calcutta, one of the challenges we threw to the students was, how do we increase the reach of CLABIL? And awareness about CLABIL?

Akilanathan, from the back of the class, came up with 5 great ideas. One of which stood out - Use Radio!

And we thought, "Of course! Everyone we want to reach listens to the Radio! "

So we came back and started thinking of how we were going to record a radio ad, who will design, who will talk, where will we record..

Then, barely 3-4 days later, Priya wrote .. she wanted me to talk to her cousin - who is.. a Radio Jockey!

Arvind and I had a very very nice chat, and Esha will be featured on radio in Calcutta in the first week of December..

That's why I say, my job is to sit here and wait.. someone up there is sorting things out for Esha all the time.. :)

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