Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Junta Center Visit by students of SOIL and The Sri Ram School

What happens when you put 3 MBA students in a school bus, and ask them to represent Esha for a field visit for 7th class students of The Sri Ram School?



While you enjoy the pictures.. do read their experiences:

Sahil Mehta

Today we had a visit to blind school. The main objective of this school was to train blind people to make them independent enough in life. The activities include learning Braille cards, musical instruments, basic understanding of computer applications, chair weaving and many more. The day started when we boarded school bus, after around 10 years. I felt nostalgic by revisiting that phase. It was really inspiring to see people working hard to train them. I was amused to see dedication of students and the eagerness with which they were learning new things.

It’s a difficult phase of life wherein you to need to motivate yourself to learn new things. To get out of disappointment and have self-control is appreciable for those students. I felt that people crib on little things when they have all the resources to overcome the situation. These students had limited resources and they were utilizing their resources to maximize their learning and thus use it as a talent to make them independent, employable and lead their life. I consider them as inspirational leaders who have the thinking to bring a change in society and create awareness among visually impaired society.
Thats Sahil and Rosemary at the Blind School with the students of Class 7

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