Friday, July 26, 2013

Blind School Visit - Rosemary Bhokta

Rosemary with the students of The Sri Ram School at the Junta Rehab Center
Inspiration comes in many ways and its fascinating when it comes through people who are less fortunate than us, yet, their strive to live and live as a winner is what makes all the difference. Today, through Esha we got a chance to visit the Junta Blind School. It was a heart touching experience for me. All I could do is wonder and wonder how this blind people, in spite of not having the gift of eyes fight the odds and try hard to make an independent living for themselves. The initiative Esha and Junta School is taking to make them self sufficient and employed is something to be highly appreciated.

In the Junta School we saw how the blind boys, learn to read and write through Braille, How they learn extracurricular activities like singing, computer and chair making. The teachers in the school where themselves blind and where degree holders from universities. They are actually doing a great job preparing this blind people for competitive exams and also ready for employment in industries or start their own ventures.

This initiative on part of Esha to incubate us in our SIP (Social Innovation Program) by sending us to the blind school was really successful as it inspired us a lot to understand the mission and vision of Esha. The compassion with which Esha works for this people is what we also share now and that will make us better motivated to work for the organisation henceforth.

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