Friday, July 3, 2020

What Covid means to visual disability: Guest Post by Himasutha

'My finger was cut while working in January 2020, my father expired in February, and I used my money to finish all the final rights. In March, the lockdown was imposed, making my situation worse'. These sentences were stated by a blind man, who was working in a factory, currently unemployed and finding it difficult during this Covid-19 situation to meet the basic needs of his family. After interviewing four individuals who are blind, and all of them stated that they wished they received help from the government during this horrifying situation. 

'In this difficult situation, with no one in my family working, I wish my wife, who isn't blind, is employed'. The sentence was stated by an individual who desperately wants to come out of this tragic situation. The same individual reported that when he went to a nearby place in Kashiram colony, Noida for his family to stay in, people said they'll let the police trash him and his family if they did not leave. The individuals stated that they received the regular supply of the goods ration shops from the government. They also said that they would like to get back to work and earn some money for their family to be in the right place.

During this situation, blind people can be unintentionally ignored. Their problems can be hidden in society. Being blind, unfortunately, deprives the individuals of applying to few jobs, and standing on their own feet may need a little support. 

To help them stand on their own feet during the COVID 19 situation, the government could implement few policies that benefit the blind individuals and help them receive money. Creating jobs during this situation can be hard; therefore, the government could allocate money that can be distributed to differently-abled individuals. For the blind and disabled individuals, online skill development classes can be conducted that will enhance their skills and help them grab jobs once the situation gets better. Speaking to them, they indicated that having a career in their hand could make them independent, and there is nothing better than this. They could be encouraged to look at different professions, such as coaching, chefs, artists, teachers, journalists, etc. The list is endless, provided with an opportunity they would love to grab it and stand independent.

During this hard time, we must note that not everyone is sitting in their house and having a quality time with their family. Few individuals are suffering from this dark phase and are waiting to live a happy life. We could all help in their upliftment and make sure everyone gets through this pandemic safe and comfortable.

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Unknown said...

Very nicely captured. No doubt that blind people are getting ignored unintentionally everytime and Govt should have some special schemes for them.