Saturday, October 5, 2019

Bloomberg Quint, October 2019

As you probably know, Esha is a 100%volunteer driven organisation. 

Daanotsava 2019 - Why Volunteering is pure magic

On the occasion of Daanotsava, Bloomberg Quint carries a special story on why volunteerism is so core to the ethos of Esha. 

In this story, the founder of Esha shares the reason why we believe so passionately in the power of volunteerism, and the magic that has been created by volunteers over the years. To each one of you - THIS!

Special thanks to Venkat Krishnan, the founder of Joy of Giving / Daanotsava, and the entire Bloomberg team. I know they worked late into the night on this story. Thank you so much!

Minutes after the story was live, we received congratulatory messages from friends who had seen it in the WhatsApp feed of Bloomberg Quint. I will upload that picture soon too.

It was a precious day for us. :) 


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