Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Vedant Hingu's Blind Walk for his school project

Vedant Hingu (Grade 6 of Lancers School) had to do a social connect project at school. His mother got in touch with us and they decided to do a Blind Walk.

The Blind Walk was done at a club in Gurgaon and at the INA Metro Station, Delhi.

Here is his experience, in his own words: 
I conducted a blind walk at INA station on 11 September 2019. I was unsure of asking people to participate but I still tried. Some people asked me why am I doing this and some wanted to know if I want donation. When I told them that this activity is to create awareness about making people spaces available and safe for blind, they were still not very convinced. But once they did the walk (where they had to close their eyes and use only the cane for help)- they realised what I meant. I showed them what the tactile tiles are meant for. I pointed out how people had kept their luggage on the tactile tiles - blocking the way of the blind.  5 people did the blind walk today and I was happy that they realised how important it is. I wish more people would participate and help the blind

Explaining what the Blind Walk is about to the staff at the Club

Experiencing a Blind Walk 

At the INA Metro Station

Explaining why a Blind Walk is necessary to create inclusive citizens

And he has everyone's attention