Thursday, July 18, 2019

How to make it a more inclusive world: Guest Post by Tapas Bhardwaj


            Please ensure that no one around you keep their belongings on the tactile paths which are made for the movement of persons with visual disabilities, it creates inaccessibility. You all can contribute in making a path free of obstruction so that an easy movement of a person with visual disability can be made sure.


            Some people while cleaning their houses or galleries leave the water on the floors, which can be a hurdle to any person. The consequences can be worse if a person using a wheel chair approaches, then the wheel chair user can slide and fall down. It is advised that the water should be properly wiped off.


            I have often observed, the garbage bins are kept on the staircase of the apartment so that the sweeper can come and pick it up. However, it should be given to the sweeper only when he comes. The garbage bin if left on the staircase, can be a reason of falling of a person with visual disability as he can bang into that bin and fall down.



            At times, some people spit or scratch the dots of the Braille signage provided on the elevators thinking that it is some fancy design. The dots at times get displaced causing inaccessibility.

Advise anyone whom you see doing such a thing, to not to do so as it also gives a wrong image of that particular public place in the eyes of visitors also!

            The Government has provided auditory signals in metros and is in a process to provide these signals in buses so that persons with visual disabilities can get to know about the station they have reached.

However, at times the people talk so loudly in public transport, that the people are unable to here the announcement which creates a problem in navigating the station. Try to talk in a low tone the next time you travel, it also helps in saving your energy.

            Auditory signals have also been provided on the red lights for crossing of the roads for the persons with visual disabilities. The use of the horns often hides the sound of these signals thus creating inaccessibility. While driving your vehicle, try to use the horn to its minimum level.

            People can also contribute in providing accessibility to the persons with disabilities by participating in short courses like learning the basic of the sign language so that they can communicate with the people who are hard of hearing.

            People also need to come forward and design special programs in their community for the persons having intellectual disabilities.

            Persons with disabilities should be made part of the resident welfare associations in colonies so that the problems and the challenges that they face in their day today lives can be resolved as these associations interact with the Governments as well. The contribution of both the people and the Government can only lead to a dream of Viksit Bharat come true and the rights of persons with disabilities act 2016 properly implemented. There should be a communication, cooperation and contribution by both the public and the Government for making an accessible India which can become a role model country for the persons with disabilities of the entire world.

About the Author:
Tapas Bhardwaj

Tapas Bhardwaj is a student of Amity Law School Delhi. He has been the Head Boy of Delhi Public School RK Puram. He has been the recipient of the NTSE scholarship provided by the Government of India. He has been the recipient of national levels awards provided to him by the Home Ministry Government of India, Ministry of Environment Forest and Climate Change Government of India and many others. Tapas feels that persons with disabilities requires platform to showcase their abilities. The ability if utilized properly can help any person to live his life with dignity respect and a sense of happiness. Tapas has authored several columns that have published in DailyO, Newzhook, ED Times, AB EDU news etc.


Tapas Bhardwaj (BA LLB Honours)

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