Saturday, September 16, 2017

Library Updated - 6578 files

Today, the library was updated to 6578 files.

The additions are in English, Tamil, Hindi, Sanskrit, Telugu, Punjabi, Bengali and Malyalam.

The most notable additions are the stories of Malti Joshi ji in Hindi. For lovers of Hindi literature, this will truly be a treat.

In other news, we are also updating the user interface of the library to be more responsive to the new screenreaders and also to be more friendly for dexterity challenged and low vision users.
There are some technical issues with that, so you may not see the entire list of files, albums and languages right now. We hope to have that sorted by tonight and then

In the meantime, please do listen to her stories in her own voice using these direct links:

The Tamil files shared by our partners - Bhumi have also been added to the library in this release.

We have also found at least 2000 files that were in the drive, but not in the catalog. We became aware of them while preparing for the data porting for the mobile app. The mobile app also now has about 240 files, so it should be good to use. When we port the whole data, we will have to make some upgrades to the app itself too.

Lots of work coming up, most of it internal cleanup. That is always painstaking, detail oriented, and not easy. But very important. Wish us luck!

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