Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Corporate Blind Walk

Today we went to Amtex for conducting blind walk. We met Dankush and HR Neha and they were very supportive. We were introduced to the staff of Amtex . Earlier they all were working but when they were told by Neha about the noble cause for which we were there they all came to support us in this good initiative. We first announced them the reason to conduct the blind walk as it was to sensitize the people towards the difficulty faced by the visually impaired people. We looked for a place where we could do the blind walk.We asked the employees to take initiative and two of those came forward and we instructed them the way to do blind walk and told them the stretch till where those were supposed to do the blind walk. There were a few obstacles in the stretch but everyone used their canes to overcome obstacles and we as Esha team also kept guiding them during the walk. Once the walk was done we asked them about their experiences and they all said it was really tough to walk and they could understand the difficulties the visually impaired people felt. They all thoroughly enjoyed this as well.

After that we recorded the experiences of HR Neha and Dankush as well and they said they were really happy to be part of this activity. They also assured us that their organization would definitely like to be part of the activities conducted by Esha foundation

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