Monday, December 12, 2016

TSRS Visit to NAB Center for Women

Working with children is always super special to us. Because when we create inclusive children, we are creating an inclusive future.

Which is why, the program where we take The Sri Ram Students of Grade 7 to a blind school, is among our favorite programs. 30 students enter that school, and 30 inclusive children exit. Their faces are so different when they come out..

This year also, the teams came one section at a time, and were left in awe as they understood how we use mobile phones, computers, chop vegetables, cook on fire, serve on plates, eat food independently, use libraries and resource centers, and use special aids to do everything else.

This year also, the students had a lot of immersive pre experiences. Every class did something to prepare for the visit. The children prepared songs that they wanted to sing at the school, some of them made beautiful bracelets and earrings and canvas pouches. It was soooo good to see them hand over things that they had made themselves..

The visit typically lasts 90 minutes, and is an experience of a lifetime - for everyone - the teachers, the students and us. Every single time, every single year.

Till next year, then!

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