Tuesday, October 11, 2016

SIP program at SOIL for the batch of 2016-17 and the reasons of joining ESHA as penned down by different team memberss

We 4 people - Pavas, Amit, Minali & Syed are part of ESHA team as a part of our SIP program.

We all have preferred ESHA due to one reason or other which are mentioned below

Minali : I have both personal and professional reasons attached to joining Esha.Personal reason is I have seen my maternal grandmother for 3 years after she got detected with glaucoma and lost her vision.  I always wanted to support visually impaired people and contribute in any possible way. 

Profession reason is after joining Soil when I came to know about Social Innovation Program, I consulted seniors enquiring about various NGO's and did the primary research on same. 
Everyone told me that " Esha is the best place to go if you really want to work and learn", so I gave my first preference as Esha and I am fortunate enough that I got a chance to work with the team. 
Within a week I can actually feel that whatever I came to know is actually true and I will try to make the best out of this opportunity

Amit : I chose to work with Esha foundation because it is one of the inspired institutions (rather than calling it an NGO) which gives eyes to the people who are visually challenged. It is really hard to understand the plight of the people who have been robbed of nature’s gift to see the beautiful world around them.  Moreover, it makes increasingly difficult for them to perform their daily chores when they find hard to see the universe around themselves. So, I decided to lend my services to such an institution which is working to show the light to the people from its own eyes and make them self-sustainable forever. I really salute to the founders Ms. Nidhi and Mr. Rajesh and the other members who in spite of their demanding schedule have decided to denote their life towards the well being and betterment of these people. I feel privileged to be a drop in such an ocean of warmth, love, and care.

Syed : I had been associated with quite a lot of Programs like Sarva Sikhsha Abhiyan, Bihar Education Project for Literacy among children in Bihar. But, volunteering for an organization which helps visually impaired sees the world is a step ahead. I am really grateful to ‘ESHA-People for Blind’ to give me this opportunity. I got to know about ESHA from my mentors Prof. A N Bhattacharya and Mr. Rajesh Dhuddu and eventually it became my first choice for Social Innovation Program because of its project-based approach for accomplishing the milestones throughout the year. I hope we bring out some positive changes in the life of people who see the world differently

Pavas : Since I have gained senses, I have seen my father visually challenged and hence I do understand most of his problems due to his condition. I was always curious about his condition and repeatedly inquired to my mother as to when he will get "normal" like us.
However, gradually i accepted the fact that my father may remain impaired through his lifetime. Growing up with a member like this in the family has sensitized me towards their condition and the difficulties/challenges being faced by them and their response to these events. 
I have always been inclined to contribute and get back to this deprived section of society in any way whatsoever. With great pleasure , I inform that I have helped my father get literate again by engaging with him in learning braille and he is now able to surf computer and use a mobile phone through audio-visual aids JAWS and Talks respectively. The will to learn and determination I saw in him was exemplary, and I realized that if similar support is extended to other people in this strata they could become self-reliant too.

When I heard that ESHA foundation is coming as a part OF SIP program in SOIL, I jumped at the opportunity and here I am working with a team of 3 beautiful people hoping to make even a small impact towards creating awareness in people.

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