Thursday, June 2, 2016

The SOIL SIP Team is the best SIP Team of 2015-16 batch, and we have an article in The Better India

For some reason, we missed mentioning it here..

The SIP Team of 2015-16 - Saranya, Cauvery, Rethina and Vigneshwar, were adjudged the best outgoing SIP Team of SOIL. This is from out of 18 SIP teams this year.

And here is a link to the awesome videos that chronicle the journey of this group:
Esha Journey for this batch:

Tour De Vision Promotion Events:

Tour De Vision 2016 Final Day:

Batch Feedback:



And the previous year's batch, which truly laid the foundation for this batch's success:



Pooja Singh:


Part II:
Just yesterday, the Esha blog was featured among the top blogs of India, and today, The Better India carried a story on our CLABIL and CLABIL Outreach Projects.

We are so grateful! Please do spread the word. The idea of CLABIL is not for us to get credit, but for everyone, and I mean absolutely everyone, to get access to this knowledge and literary resource.


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